5 best vehicles to fight back against the Oppressor MKII in GTA Online

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

GTA Online, before 2018, was not exactly friendly but wasn't nearly as brutal and non-welcoming to newer players as it is today. Much of this brutality and cut-throat environment can be narrowed down to one culprit alone: the Pegassi Oppressor MKII.

The flying hoverbike is a player's dream in GTA Online, with it seemingly making everything a tad bit easier in the game. VIP/CEO work becomes child's play so does completing bunker resupply missions. Also, Freemode becomes one's personal playground in GTA Online.

The kind of offensive output the Oppressor MKII has is simply unparalleled, and its fast and easy maneuverability makes it an absolute must-have. However, it is for the same reasons that it is the griefer's choice of weapon/vehicle.

To help combat this pesky gargoyle, here are some vehicles and weapons.

Top 5 vehicles and weapons to fight back against the Oppressor MKII in GTA Online

#1 - Pegassi Toreador


One of the newest additions to GTA Online, as part of the Cayo Perico Heist update, the Toreador is a breath of fresh air in the game. Not only is the vehicle the counter to the Oppressor MKII that players have been asking for, but it also doubles as a perfectly capable submersible.

The car can take a beating and then promptly dish out even more as it carries unlimited missiles. That, combined with a dual machine gun, makes the Toreador a nightmare to deal with in GTA Online lobbies.

#2 - Up-n-Atomizer


The Up-n-Atomizer is a deceptively small gun that can dish out unholy amounts of damage. The "gun" doesn't deal damage in the traditional way but rather sends out a massive shockwave that is liable to knock the player off of their Oppressor MKII.

Plus, the Up-n-Atomizer has unlimited ammo and has a short cooldown period between shots. The player needs to be constantly on the move so as to not get hit by a shot from above. Once the enemy has been knocked off their perch, simply unload on them with extreme prejudice.

#3 - Pyro


The Pyro comes with a massive price tag, but taking down the Oppressor MKII is a serious business; thus, shelling out some money is in order. However, it isn't completely necessary to purchase a Pyro. Players can wait around for a discount in GTA Online to get one if it looks appealing enough.

The Pyro is a supremely nimble plane that can maneuver easily around the Oppressor MKII and lob plenty of gunfire its way. The armor might not be able to take much, but it should prove speedy enough to evade its fire.

#4 - MOC/Terrorbyte


The MOC and Terrorbyte are incredibly sturdy vehicles that can take ridiculous amounts of damage. Inside one of the beasts, the Oppressor MKII can barely make a mark on the player, and the player can comfortably bombard the flying gargoyle with plenty.

Both the MOC and Terrorbyte provide plenty of value to the players in GTA Online outside of being extremely durable vehicles that can take in a lot of damage. Thus, making for a really good investment on the player's part.

#5 - MKII Weapons/Medium-to-long range


Having a Weapons Workshop allows players to upgrade weapons to their MKII variants, which are massively overpowered. These weapons will stop the Oppressor MKII in its tracks and leave the enemy in the dust.

MKII weapons will not fail in the face of grave danger and provide GTA Online players with the chance to make their last stand should their vehicle be destroyed.

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