5 PvP combat tips to win more fights in GTA Online

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games
Rahul Bhushan

It doesn't take long for players to find themselves right in the thick of things and in the middle of a fight in a GTA Online session. The game's basic enjoyment is derived from the fact that it encourages players to get in each other's faces and let the lead fly.

However, there will be times in GTA Online where the player will be forced to get into a melee encounter with another player. While that is extremely rare, since most players would prefer to pick their targets off from a distance, it is still a possibility.

Therefore, the player must be proficient with both firearms and melee in GTA Online in order to be completely assured of their safety.

Here are some tips for PvP combat in GTA Online, both melee and firearms, that will allow players to win more fights in the game.

Win more fights in GTA Online with these PvP combat tips

#1 - Dodge and Counter


In the rare case where players get into a brawl in GTA Online, the trick is to let the opponent tire themselves out.

When the opponent throws a shot, the player can dodge and hit them with a couple of counters, which they will not be able to block.

To doge, simply press the Square Button (PS4)/ X Button (Xbox) and press an attack button to throw a couple of counters. The opponent will not be able to defend against those shots, and the player can easily get 2-3 shots off.

It isn't often that players will challenge one another to a fistfight, but in case they do, Dodging and Countering is key.

#2 - Roll


Rolling is perhaps the most overused technique in GTA Online, and rightfully so, because it helps players avoid gunfire and not take damage. It allows players to move away from the line of fire and get a shot off at the enemy attacking them.

The key is to roll right before the player is on the last few bullets on their current magazine and pauses for a reload. This allows the player to get an easy shot on the enemy without the risk of being eliminated themselves.

#3 - Get an angle on them


Attacking an enemy player head-on is probably the least effective method to fight them in GTA Online. What players should be doing is to veer off towards the side and get an angle on the enemy.

Constantly staying on the move is key to winning more gunfights in the game as the aiming system is relatively forgiving.

If the player gets into a gunfight on the street, going down a turn so that you can see the enemy but them not having a clear shot at you creates an effective blindspot.

#4 - Know your loadout


Knowing one's loadout is key as certain players are far better with a Special Carbine instead of a Heavy Sniper. A powerful weapon isn't all that effective unless the player knows their way around with it.

Knowing the kind of loadout that is effective for the player is key, as switching between different weapons can be quite tedious in GTA Online.

#5 - Look for a creative cover


While chest-high walls and the sides of buildings make for excellent covers in GTA Online, taking cover behind unexpected objects can give players the edge.

The time spent running and looking for cover can be fatal as the enemy will have a clear shot at the player. Instead, taking cover behind cars, trees, or even simply standing behind walls without getting into cover can often save the player.

The trick is to never be caught out in the open as the result of a straight-up exchange between two players is entirely left up to chance.

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