5 most devastating weapons in GTA Online

There are a number of weapons that are objectively devastating in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
There are a number of weapons that are objectively devastating in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan

Having a solid loadout in GTA Online is not only useful but an absolute necessity. It always helps to have weapons on oneself and to be prepared for a fight in the game.

At the end of the day, every player will have a certain weapon that they are fond of. However, there are a number of weapons that are objectively devastating in GTA Online. These weapons can pulverize both enemy players and NPCs with ease.

5 weapons that can give players an edge in GTA Online

#1 Heavy Sniper/MKII


The Heavy Sniper is a major step up from the standard Sniper Rifle in GTA Online, and its MKII variant is just plain OP. Players are advised to invest in research for the Heavy Sniper to get Explosive Rounds.

Explosive Rounds are the biggest obstruction between players and certain obliteration, especially against vehicles. Even the toughest armored vehicles will not be able to take too many rounds from the Heavy Sniper MKII.

#2 Special Carbine/MKII


The Special Carbine is one of the most quintessential weapons in GTA Online and is a great starting place for new players. While it is a pretty standard weapon, it can be useful later in the game with a few upgrades and attachments.

The Special Carbine is an absolute force of nature after it is upgraded to its MKII variant. It can shred both NPCs and other players from mid-range and occasionally long-range.

#3 Homing Launcher


Players will often be hounded by multiple flying or armored vehicles while in a Freemode session in GTA Online. It becomes increasingly hard to maintain an edge over these enemy players without having an armored vehicle or a deadly weapon.

The Homing Launcher is the perfect counter to these situations, as it can destroy just about anything. It will take a lot of shots to bring down armored vehicles, but it should do just fine against choppers and Oppressor MKIIs.

#4 Assault Shotgun


The Assault Shotgun is pretty much a cheat code, especially at close range. This weapon is a must-have for heist set-ups and contact missions in GTA Online since most of these missions take place in close range.

The Assault Shotgun pretty much guarantees a one-hit or two-hit kill. Given its fire rate, it shouldn't take that long to down enemies.

#5 Up-N-Atomizer


The Up-N-Atomizer is one of the most fun weapons that players can get their hands on in GTA Online.

The gun doesn't use ammunition so it doesn't have a reload, but it does have a cooldown period after each shot. This weapon sends out shockwaves that can flip vehicles over or knock players into the sky, making it a formidable counter to the pesky Oppressor MKII in GTA Online.

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