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5 most expensive GTA Online Motorcycles in January 2021

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Sawera Dedar
Modified 13 Jan 2021, 20:10 IST

Most GTA Online motorcycles have not received the buzz they deserve despite all the cool features they host.

Cars are considered rather mandatory in the GTA Online world, which naturally leaves less room for all the classy and efficient motorcycles out there. In some situations, swift and lightweight bikes work better than most GTA Online cars as they take up less space and offer a low-profile image.

This post talks about the most expensive GTA Online Motorcycles that are still trendy in 2021.

5 most expensive GTA Online Motorcycles

# 5 The Deathbike:

The Deathbike is an upgraded version of the Gargoyle and performs in much the same way. The only difference between the two perhaps is the god-geared speed of the Deathbike, recorded at 150mph, making it one of the fastest land vehicles in GTA Online.

The Deathbike hosts a number of customization options and is powered by a powerful v-Twin engine which rumbles just like the Bagger.

The player may have to take certain precautions while riding this bike in the Arena. An awkward landing or a wrong turn directly into an explosion may not hurt the Deathbike, but it will certainly hurt the player to some extent.


The Deathbike sports an invincible armour that makes it immune to mild explosives.

It is available for 1,269,000 at ArenaWar.TV in GTA Online.

#4 The Sanctus

The skull-themed design and heavy customisation of the Sanctus alone make it an incomparable marvel of GTA Online - for the players as well as the spectators.

The unique - albeit risky - build of the Sanctus set it apart from its chopper-style variants.

And when it comes to speed, the gothic Sanctus leaves everyone behind. Recorded at 144.00 km/h, this bike is a wonder to behold.

The Sanctus can be bought from Southern S.A. Super Autos in GTA Online for 1,995,000.

#3 The Shotaro:

Based on the Lotus C-01, the Shotaro is another top-end bike befitting the criminal agendas of the featured protagonists.

The Shotaro boasts smooth wheels, efficient brakes and lightning fast speed - enough to leave passersby in awe - and perhaps some dust, too.

The only disadvantage of the Shotaro is that it does not perform quite as well in waters as it does on land, which can slow the player down.

It can be bought from Legendary Motorsport for $2,225,000 in GTA Online.

#2 The Oppressor

The Oppressor is based on the Hawk Street Bike, which was inspired by the Honda XR 500.

Like most sportbikes, the Oppressor is super fast and responsive and offers the player a thrilling ride. Equipped with a parallel-twin engine, the Oppressor performs surprisingly well in difficult situations and moves like a ball of fire.

One of the most wonderful features the bike hosts is the equipment of wings, which allow the reader to turn on the airborne mode if outrunning the police on land seems impossible.


The Oppressor costs $3,524,500 and most players would agree that it is an absolute must-have in GTA Online.

#1 The Oppressor Mark II

The Opressor Mark II is perhaps the most expensive motorcycle in the entire GTA Online game.

With wheels that can hover, and wings that can extend when in flight, the Opressor Mark II is essentially an upgraded version of the original The Opressor.

The equipment of props that account for smooth landing is perhaps the best feature the updated Opressor hosts, as it prevents severe injuries in case of a rough ending.

The Opressor Mark II costs $3,890,252 in GTA Online.

Published 13 Jan 2021, 20:10 IST
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