5 fan-favorite characters who should make a comeback in GTA Online

(Image via Rockstar Games)
(Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 28 Mar 2021

The GTA franchise could be the gaming equivalent of the MCU in a way that it has been able to craft a vast and expansive universe full of compelling characters.

Rockstar Games has made no secret that all of their titles take place in the same universe in one form or the other.

Therefore, there is a real possibility that the characters of the GTA franchise could finally appear in one massive villainous Avengers-like crossover. Perhaps the title best suited for this purpose is GTA Online, as it is a continuously evolving project whose scale is pushed further with each new update.

This is why it has been the place where Rockstar has chosen to bring back fan-favorite characters from GTA's history. While fans have loved the return of characters like Tony Prince, here are some other fan-favorites fans would love to see.

5 fan-favorite characters which should make a comeback in GTA Online

1) Tommy Vercetti

When the first teaser for Cayo Perico Heist teased a notorious drug lord, "El Rubio," being the star of the show, many fans immediately thought, "Tommy!" While El Rubio turned out to be a wholly new character developed for GTA Online, many fans would have loved Tommy to make an appearance.

Seeing how the character essentially becomes the kingpin of Vice City would only make sense for him to also try and expand to Los Santos. His position at the end of GTA Vice City perfectly sets up a villainous arc for the character.


This is why his appearance as a villain in GTA Online would be thoroughly enjoyable and a great bit of fan service. Actor Ray Liotta reprising his role as the notorious drug lord is still a long shot, though.

2) Niko Belic

With every new update, fans tend to get their hopes regarding returning to Liberty City or a cameo from their favorite bowling enthusiast. Bellic's fate at the end of GTA 4 leaves him highly unlikely to return to a life of crime, but as fate would have it, he keeps finding himself in trouble.

Bellic is perhaps the most sympathetic character in the GTA series. Players would love nothing more than to see him enjoy life away from gunfire and explosions.

However, it would be just as gratifying to see Bellic return to the GTA franchise in a friendly cameo.

Lester's remarks during Story Mode suggest that Bellic was able to make it out alive and retired from a life of crime. Hence, his return would be both exciting and a little heartbreaking.

3) Carl "CJ" Johnson


CJ ranks high in a long line of great protagonists, one of the more light-hearted and friendly protagonists in the series. Unlike other, more maniacal protagonists like Trevor, CJ is simply looking to get by and ensure he and his family make it out alive.

While the character has most likely abandoned a life of crime, a friendly cameo in GTA Online would go a long way in fan service.

Rockstar Games usually stays away from having older protagonists appear in other titles (save for Johnny Klebitz), but CJ's appearance would be thoroughly appreciated across the board.

4) Yusuf Amir

Yusuf Amir has a considerable presence in both Story Mode and GTA Online through his custom paint jobs for weapons in Ammu-Nation. Yet, he never makes an appearance in person.

As one of the more prominent presence in GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony, Amir seems like a great character to explore deeper. Due to his seemingly endless pit of cash and impossible wealth, he would make an amazing Contact in GTA Online.

Perhaps he could return as a heist operator. Amir is too good of a character only to have been used for one game. Fans of the character would love nothing more than to hear "Arab Money" once more in the game.

5) Ken Rosenberg


Possibly one of the greatest side characters in GTA history, Ken Rosenberg, despite his best efforts to the contrary, made quite an impression. Rosenberg is an absolute nervous wreck and has a crippling coke addiction, yet he is as loyal as they come and ingenious in his own way.

Rosenberg is a blast of nervous energy with his own idea of charm, which is exactly what makes him such a fun presence to have around. He would fit right in with the other characters in GTA Online as a Contact.

Published 28 Mar 2021, 14:20 IST
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