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5 fastest vehicles in GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist DLC update

Image via GTA wiki Fandom
Image via GTA wiki Fandom
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 21 Dec 2020
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With each new title update comes new vehicles to GTA Online, much to the delight of the fanbase.

Title updates are always fun, and when Rockstar promised it being the biggest ever update for GTA Online, the fanbase was surely excited.

The Cayo Perico Heist DLC is one of the most exciting title updates in the game's history, and the vehicles are one of the major reasons why.

While GTA Online already has a stacked roster when it comes to vehicles of all shapes and sizes, players can always do with a lot more. Rockstar added about nine vehicles upon the launch of the Cayo Perico Heist, and more on the way.

This article takes a look at the fastest cars in GTA Online's latest title update, with many that are yet to arrive in the game.

Note: These vehicles have been ranked according to the Speed stat in the Game Files of GTA Online (source: gtabase). Many of these vehicles are yet to arrive in the game and will be made available possibly in the next few weeks.

GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist DLC update: Top 5 speedy cars

Only on-ground vehicles have been taken into consideration, which is why the Alkonost, Sparrow, and Dinghy do not appear on this list.

#5 - Manchez Scout


Price: $225,000

Top Speed: 80.78 mph (130.00 km/h)

Off-road bikes will always have the heart of GTA Online players as they are the best choice for going off the beaten path for players who like exploring the mountainsides and cliffs in the game.

GTA Online's open-world has a lot of topographical diversity, and so, having an off-road extraordinaire like the Manchez Scout is a must-have. The bike is relatively nimble and does not lose traction on steep inclines.

While it might not be the fastest vehicle on a straight road, it certainly handles a lot better on dirt than perhaps most of the other vehicles in the game. If it's a pacey and nimble off-roader players are looking for, they need not look any further than the Manchez Scout.

#4 - Mammoth Squaddie

Price: $1,130,000

Top Speed: 83.89 mph (135.00 km/h)

El Rubio's security seems to favor the Squaddie and have outfitted themselves with a hangar-full of these. While not a complete off-roader, the SUV has enough maneuverability when going off-road to be a decent enough vehicle.

While certainly not a choice for racing, the Mammoth Squaddie can be a good option for GTA Online players with a penchant for all things military. The design of the Squaddie seems to take a lot after the real-life Hummer, which is sure to seal the deal for many players.

#3 - BF Weevil


Price: $870,000

Top Speed: 83.89 mph (135.00 km/h)

For some players in GTA Online, substance does come over style, but who can really resist the charm of a vintage Beetle-like Weevil in the game. The car, while not the ideal choice for racing enthusiasts, does certainly pack a punch.

The vehicle is no slouch in the performance department and can be customized to look every bit of its $870,000 price tag. The BF Weevil is extremely compact, and its cornering abilities are second to none.

The car certainly is no Pfister 811 but is still a powerful enough vehicle to be a viable purchase for GTA Online players.

#2 - Pegassi Toreador

Price: $3,660,000

Top Speed: 93.21 mph (150.00 km/h)

It hasn't been a long time since the Cayo Perico Heist DLC has dropped, but the Toreador is winning over GTA Online players by the dozen since its arrival. This boost-fitted submersible is one of the most versatile vehicles in the game and is a terrifyingly beautiful car as well.


While it would surely rank on the top if the boost was taken into consideration, but only its base performance is considered here for the sake of fairness. The Toreador is an exceptionally beautiful vehicle with its retro aesthetic and is quite speedy as well.

The car can dive underwater in case the player needs to avoid detection. Hence, making it one of the best choices for GTA Online players who play the game solely for Heists and Missions.

#1 - Grotti Itali RSX

Price: $3,465,000

Top Speed: 101.38 mph (163.15 km/h)

The Itali RSX's steep price tag seems justified with only one look at the car. The machine is absolutely stunning and has great performance to go along with, making it the perfect choice for Sports car fanatics in GTA Online.

The car would be a reasonable purchase for players even if it didn't boast performance as great as it does, owing to its beautiful design. The car's design takes a lot of inspiration from the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and would be a fantastic addition to players' Garages in GTA Online.

While the nearly $3 million price tag might be a put-off for some, others would want it because it's so expensive.

Published 21 Dec 2020, 11:20 IST
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