5 fastest GTA Online muscle cars in January 2021

GTA Online is chock-full of these powerful muscle cars (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
GTA Online is chock-full of these powerful muscle cars (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)

The GTA Online community shares a collective fascination with muscle cars, and it is easy to see why. These powerful machines of pure acceleration and grit embody the kind of ruthless aggression and raw power that GTA Online players love.

These cars might not be the easiest cars to get a grip on, but they can certainly turn heads with their magnificent looks and the sound of their engine's roar.

GTA Online is chock-full of these powerful American beasts, and this list takes a look at the fastest ones in the game.

Players should keep in mind that these cars are not all best-suited for tighter races in GTA Online as their handling can be quite poor. It is extremely easy to lose the rear of the car and go sliding into the barricades.

Which are the fastest GTA Online muscle cars in January 2021?

(Note: Arena War variants of the Impaler, Dominator, and Imperator have not been included on the list. Stats taken off of Gtabase/Broughy.)

#5 Sabre Turbo Custom


Top Speed: 121.25 mph (195.13 km/h)

One of the elderly statesmen of the GTA franchise, the Sabre has persisted through many entries in the series and has become a beloved car of the fanbase.

The Sabre Turbo Custom is a powerful muscle car that looks just about as menacing as it sounds.

The car exudes the kind of arrogance and panache that a muscle car should have. Even though it can be outperformed, its looks certainly don't give that away. Far from the fastest vehicle in the game, the Sabre Turbo Custom is one heck of a buy purely because of its looks.

With the right paint job and body modifications, the Sabre Turbo Custom looks every bit of its massive price tag. The model can be obtained by upgrading the Sabre Turbo in Benny's Original Motor Works.

#4 Hustler


Top Speed: 121.25 mph (195.13 km/h)

Hotrods will forever have a soft spot in the player's hearts as they are one of the most appealing vehicles in the GTA franchise. The series has had its fair share of hotrods, but players can always do with some more.

The Vapid Hustler is a premier hotrod in the game that not only looks great but can outperform a number of vehicles in its class. While it can go quite fast, the best part about this beast of a car is the high-pitched squeal of its engine, which is music to a petrolhead's ears.

#3 Gauntlet Hellfire


Top Speed: 125.25 mph (201.57 km/h)

When players think of a premier muscle car with a sporty design, they're probably imagining something very close to the Gauntlet Hellfire. The car packs a massive punch, alongside its absolutely pristine design, and is one of the better cars in its class.

The Gauntlet Hellfire isn't nearly as expensive as some of the other cars in GTA Online that can perform as well as it does. This makes it a perfectly balanced compromise between price and performance.

The Gauntlet Hellfire is surprisingly not all that slidey and handles quite well despite its absolutely thunderous acceleration.

#2 Gauntlet Classic Custom


Top Speed: 125.50 mph (201.97 km/h)

The Gauntlet Classic is a great car, but it can be better with the Gauntlet Classic Custom (as the meme goes). The Gauntlet Classic can be upgraded in Benny's Original Motor Works to let it come into its own as the Classic Custom, an absolute symbol of vintage power.

The car is extremely tough to get a good grip on but there are few others in GTA Online that can go toe-to-toe with it on a straight. The car can tear through the highway in a blistering blur of speed and smoke.

#1 Pißwasser Dominator


Top Speed: 126.50 mph (203.58 km/h)

The Dominator, in its base model, is a beastly machine in GTA Online. However, combined with the powers of a Pißwasser livery, the car seems to become another beast entirely.

The Pißwasser Dominator might not be the most visually impressive vehicles on the list, but it is certainly one that packs a mighty punch. The car can tear through traffic and is surprisingly more nimble than many others in the same class as itself.

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