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5 fastest military vehicles in GTA Online

Military vehicles have a sheer presence that is unmatched (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Military vehicles have a sheer presence that is unmatched (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 17 Feb 2021

While it is a mainstream choice to buy the nicest-looking luxury car in GTA Online, some players prefer a military vehicle's rugged charm. They might not be the fastest of the bunch in GTA Online, but perhaps no other class of vehicle makes an impression on arrival quite like they do.

Due to their sheer size and imposing design, military vehicles instantly single themselves out as some of the most imposing vehicles on the street. One of the biggest positives regarding GTA Online comes through its sheer scale and variety of vehicles.

An Italian luxury car would be just as viable as a military semi in terms of utility and perhaps even more so in certain situations. However, if it is speed that players are looking for, these are the fastest vehicles in the class.

Note: Trailers (Terrorbyte, MOC) and the Thruster Jetpack will not be included on the list.

Five fastest military vehicles in GTA Online

#5 - HVY Chernobog

The Chernobog says a lot without saying much at all through its sheer size and terrifying design. It makes no promises regarding quick travel, instead offering plenty of off-road grip as well as a lot of firepower to scare away most players.


The Chernobog can fire up to 5 rockets, either independently or in a quick burst, depending on the player's needs. There are only a handful of vehicles comparable to the Chernobog when it comes to sheer intimidation and scary firepower.

Price: $3,311,700

Top Speed: 70.25 mph (113.06 km/h)

#4 - HVY Barracks

The Barracks is like the slightly quicker brethren of the Vetir, the newest military transport vehicle in GTA Online. It is, by no means, a speedy vehicle but is undoubtedly fast for its size.

One look at the Barracks should be enough indication that it isn't going to be winning any races anytime soon. However, nothing makes a statement quite like arriving at a heist location being driven in a Barracks.

Price: $450,000

Top Speed: 82.50 mph (132.77 km/h)

#3 - Barracks Semi


The semi-truck variant of the Barracks can be unlocked as a Pegasus vehicle after reaching Sponsorship Tier 200 in Arena Wars. The design is pretty much identical to its transport variant but is slightly quicker as it loses most of its excess weight.

The Barracks Semi is pretty much everything a player loves about the Barracks minus the extra weight, making for a far more appealing option to some players in GTA Online.

The vehicle cannot be sold after acquiring it as a Pegasus Vehicle through the Arena Wars.

Top Speed: 82.50 mph (132.77 km/h)

#2 - Canis Crusader

When it comes to military SUVs, the Canis Crusader is one of the best GTA Online offers. The car is nimble, quite capable off-road, and is reasonably quick despite its slightly bulky frame.


The car can really hold its own on rough terrain and come away unscathed regardless of what the player throws at it. The only drawback to the Crusader is that it cannot be customized to fit weaponry, which GTA Online players prioritize more than just about everything else in the game.

Price: $225,000

Top Speed: 91.25 mph (146.85 km/h)

#1 - Barrage

Perhaps the most aptly-titled car in all of GTA Online, the Barrage does exactly what it sounds like as it unloads gunfire while also moving reasonably quickly. The Barrage is one of the more agile vehicles in its class and definitely one that players in GTA Online love.

The ATV has decent top speed and acceleration, making it one of the most formidable vehicles in its class. On top of its performance, the Barrage also comes fitted with two turret positions, where the player can fit either Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, or even Miniguns.

Price: $2,121,350

Top Speed: 108.75 mph (175.02 km/h)

Note: These rankings are based on top speed (Source: Broughy, GTAbase)

Published 17 Feb 2021, 10:44 IST
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