GTA Online: 5 fastest muscle cars in August 2020

(image credits: GTA wiki fandom)
(image credits: GTA wiki fandom)

Cars have always been at the core of the GTA experience, and Rockstar has been able to provide players with a large variety of them. The last installment in the franchise, GTA V and then Online, has one of the most extensive collection of cars available to the players in all of gaming.

From flashy European luxury cars to raw American muscle, the players are never short on choice. Muscle cars have always been the subject of fascination across all media, including GTA.

Players often end up giving up handling and braking for the brute acceleration of muscle cars. GTA Online has an impressive range of these vehicles, and here are 5 of the fastest in the game.

Five fastest muscle cars in GTA Online as of August 2020

Notable exclusions include the Arena War vehicles as the majority of the list could be stacked with the different variations on the Arena War vehicles, such as:

  • Apocalypse/Nightmare/Future Shock Dominator
  • Apocalypse/Nightmare/Future Shock Imperator
  • Apocalypse/Nightmare/Future Shock Impaler

5) Imponte Ruiner 2000


Price: $5,745,600/$4,320,000 (Trade Price)*

Top Speed: 119.00 mph (191.51 km/h)

One of the most expensive vehicles on the list, the Imponte Ruiner, takes obvious inspiration by KIIT from the famous TV show: Knight Rider. The Ruiner 2000 is one of the most visually appealing vehicles in the game that backs up its looks with impressive performance.

While it is still apart from being the fastest vehicles in the game, the Ruiner does a fair job of keeping up in GTA Online. What truly makes this car a valuable purchase is its offensive capabilities.

The car is weaponized and can fire off missiles, making it extremely useful.

4) Vapid Dominator


Price: $35,000

Top Speed: 120.25 mph (193.52 km/h)

The Vapid Dominator is one of the most recognizable vehicles in the game, and the unmistakable roar of its engine alone makes it a favorite of GTA Online players.

The Dominator takes obvious inspiration from the real-life Mustang GT, and stacks up quite nicely among the rest of the fastest cars in the game. The Dominator is one of the most pocket-friendly vehicles in the game.

Its Arena War variations: Apocalypse, Future Shock, and Nightmare are some of the fastest muscle cars in GTA Online.

3) Sabre Turbo Custom


Price: $490,000

Top Speed: 121.25 mph (195.13 km/h)

The Sabre Turbo has been present in a lot of GTA games and has always been a favorite of the GTA community. The Sabre Turbo is also visually impressive and packs a punch in the acceleration department.

The car might not be the best around corners and prove to be challenging to handle at times, but is an absolute beast on straights. There are only a few cars that can feel as good as the Sabre Turbo when driving down a highway.

The Sabre Turbo is also not that expensive, making it the perfect budget muscle car capable of decent performance.

2) Vapid Hustler


Price: $625,000

Top Speed: 121.25 mph (195.13 km/h)

Somewhere between a hot rod and a classic muscle car, the Vapid Hustler is one of the most peculiar vehicles one can own in GTA Online. Its design is dated on purpose and can often surprise players with its raw pace.

What the car offers in pace and speed, it loses in handling and braking. The Hustler might not be one for tight races, but is undoubtedly an impressive vehicle to show up in a while playing GTA Online.

The Hustler is one of the fastest muscle cars in the game and is a testament to the fact that looks can often be deceiving.

1) Bravado Gaunlet Hellfire


Price: $745,000

Top Speed: 125.25 mph (201.57 km/h)

"What is a car for, if it's not for getting from A to B? And what's the point of A and B, if they're not a quarter of a mile apart on a flat surface in a straight line? These are the questions Bravado asked themselves, and the Hellfire was the answer. Give it what it needs, and this thing will immolate just about everything else on four wheels. "- in-game description

The Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire, if not counting the Arena War modified versions, is the fastest muscle car in GTA Online.

The car is aggressive in terms of acceleration and top speed but lacks severely in the handling department. However, that is the compromise fans of muscle cars make every time they purchase one in any game.

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