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5 features and weapons that should be dropped from GTA Online

GTA Online has impressive weapons and vehicles as well as other neat features (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
GTA Online has impressive weapons and vehicles as well as other neat features (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 02 Apr 2021

GTA Online has now become the online multiplayer juggernaut that Rockstar Games had always envisioned it to be.

GTA Online has impressive weapons and vehicles as well as other neat features. However, that doesn't mean that the game is without its fair share of issues.

Here's a look at certain features that should ideally be dropped from GTA Online going forward.

What features or weapons should be dropped from GTA Online going forward?

#5 Tear Gas

Occasionally, players will come across a weapon that is hilariously useless in GTA Online. One such weapon is the Tear Gas. It has absolutely no use outside of just messing around with friends.

The best players can do with a Tear Gas canister is throw one and hope that enemy players choose not to casually stroll past it. It has an absolutely abysmal area of effect and has no use in PvE either.

#4 Shark Cards


Although microtransactions allow game developers to sustain their free-to-play games, it has no place in an AAA title like GTA Online.

Free-to-play games need microtransactions in order to sustain themselves and cover development costs and eventually turn a profit.

With GTA Online set to be available as a standalone game, it will get increasingly hard to justify the existence of Shark Cards. While they technically make for an even playing field (as even new players can purchase powerful weaponry), their optics don't look great for Rockstar Games.

#3 Passive Mode


In theory, Passive Mode is a decent feature that provides players with a safe way to experience GTA Online's Freemode. While it is the complete antithesis of what the Freemode experience should be, some players simply don't want the hassle of a frustrating griefer encounter.

However, the problem arises when Passive Mode is used for griefing, as players can easily cower back into their shell after having dealt massive damage. Perhaps by restricting its usage with cooldowns and such, Rockstar can curb the Passive Mode abuse in GTA Online sessions.

#2 Oppressor MKII

No other vehicle or weapon in GTA Online represents the griefer problem as much as the Oppressor MKII. The vehicle is the first choice for griefers and is universally recognized as one of the most annoying parts of the game, which is a shame, since it is pretty useful.

On the other hand, its weapons and its ability to fly away at any given moment makes it elusive and frustrating to fight.

While there are ways to counter the hoverbike, players would rather not develop entire strategies in GTA Online just because of one vehicle.

#1 Orbital Cannon


The Orbital Cannon has become the cargo griefer's choice of weapon purely because it allows them to cause all sorts of harm without being in the line of fire.

GTA Online's Orbital Cannon is essentially a guided missile from space that can obliterate just about anything. No amount of armor and protection can stave off its wrath, and the fact that the user is never in danger is just plain unfair.

Modders who use money cheats and hacks can use the Orbital Cannon endlessly, making for an especially frustrating experience.

It is massively overpowered weapons like the Orbital Cannon that cause players to jump ship and try other games.

Published 02 Apr 2021, 15:26 IST
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