5 GTA San Andreas features that never returned in future GTA games

GTA San Andreas featured many one of a kind gameplay elements (Image via GTA Fandom Wiki)
GTA San Andreas featured many one of a kind gameplay elements (Image via GTA Fandom Wiki)

Nearly 17 years on since its launch, GTA San Andreas continues to serve as a pillar of gaming with a passionate community that still plays it. Part of this continued success was San Andreas' features that were ahead of its time with many aspects not being matched even today with Rockstar's latest and greatest GTA 5. Here's 5 loved features from GTA San Andreas that didn't return for future installments of the franchise.

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5 GTA San Andreas features that didn't make it in future installments

5) Body training (Gyms and weight management)


GTA San Andreas featured one of the most forward-thinking mechanics for the franchise. Based on what the players wanted CJ to look like they could either make him hit the gym or stuff his face at Cluckin Bell, a feature that hasn't returned to the franchise since 2004.

4) Burglary


One of the most fun side missions in GTA San Andreas was burglary. Players had to sneak into homes and make off with the loot across multiple burglary missions to earn the ultimate reward, which is Infinite Sprint. The feature turns out to be a lifesaver for players looking to 100% the game and complete the marathon.

3) Split screen co-op


Present on the console versions of GTA San Andreas, players can let a friend join in the mayhem with a split screen mode accessible via a marker on the map. Future iterations of the franchise did feature multiplayer in online mode, but none with a split screen setup for couch gaming and casual fun.

2) Turf wars


Towards the tail end of GTA San Andreas' story, players are pitted in an all-out war across the city as factions fight for control. The mechanic truly gave players a sense of control as they began claiming territory little by little to establish an empire. No other GTA game has had a territory acquisition mechanic since then.

1) Dual wielding weapons


Practicing and using weapons long enough with CJ would allow him to dual wield certain weapons, giving these guns a lot more viability. The mechanic served as a reward for players who stuck by their favorite guns, giving them faster fire rates and easier gunfights for their dedication.

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