5 hardest GTA Vice City missions that had players stuck

5 most challenging GTA Vice City missions that had players stuck (Image via Rockstar Games)
5 most challenging GTA Vice City missions that had players stuck (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Vice City is a 2002 released action-adventure game of the GTA series. It is undoubtedly a favorite within the GTA community for its excellent core gameplay that is entirely in line with Miami's 1980s atmosphere, magnificent cast, epic soundtrack, and the nostalgia of the good old times.

GTA Vice City has an assortment of 87 missions, some of which are tough to complete. These missions include automotive challenges, difficult shootouts, bomb missions, and solo objectives. Many fans' early memories are of the number of times things went awry without warning. Some of these missions take days to complete, even for those who consider themselves veterans of the game.

The following is a list of the five hardest GTA Vice City missions that had players stuck on it for days.

5 most challenging GTA Vice City missions

1) Demolition Man


This is, unanimously, the most challenging mission of GTA Vice City. It was given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by property developer Avery Carrington. To complete this story mission, players must first get to the Top Fun van near the building site to be demolished. The seven-minute detonation timer is initiated, and players must plant four bombs in the remaining time while riding in a helicopter.

Controlling the RC Goblin helicopter inside the building and the timed aspect makes it the most challenging mission to complete in Vice City. The mission, which is a reference to the 1993 action movie of the same name, has players stuck on it for days.

2) Death Row


Timed missions are undoubtedly one of the most challenging missions to complete, and Death Row is such.

This is a story mission in GTA Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Malibu Club member Kent Paul. It requires players to rescue Lance, who is held hostage and tortured in the Junkyard. He must then take Lance to the hospital, with Diaz's men at their heels, all while racing against the clock.

There are no monetary rewards in this mission. However, Ricardo's goons surrounding the Junkyard drop large amounts of cash when killed, which can be collected if players have enough time.

3) Keep Your Friends Close...


Keep Your Friends Close... is the final main mission in GTA Vice City. Here, Tommy Vercetti performs independently from his mansion on Starfish Island. To complete this mission, players must defend the locker from the Mafia, who are trying to steal money.

He must then eliminate Lance Vance, the backstabber, and Sonny and finish this once and for all. The title is a reference to a line from the Mafia film The Godfather Part II.

4) The Driver


The Driver is a Malibu Club asset mission in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and another tough mission in the iteration. It involves Tommy, in his Sentinel, and Hilary, in his Sabre Turbo, racing against each other in a timed race.

There is a significant speed disadvantage for players in this mission as the race becomes even more difficult due to Sentinel's lack of easy maneuverability. Tommy also has the police chasing him for illegal racing.

5) Naval Engagement


Naval Engagement is another story mission given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Cuban leader Umberto Robina from his father's café in Little Havana. To complete the mission, players must go to the required location with Rico. On his way, he must kill all the Haitians on the boat and then collect all the briefcases filled with drugs and cash and take them to Umberto.

The number of tasks involved makes this mission very challenging. Landstalker boats do not make the chase easy, and neither does the number of armed Haitians and shotgun-wielding Sharks, who make it difficult to survive.

New patches are coming next week for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition across all platforms. We appreciate the community’s patience and support.

Even though most of the difficulty curve has been optimized in the Definitive Edition, there are still some missions that players may find difficult to complete. It is challenging to keep from rage-quitting after several repeated attempts required to complete these missions. However, that is probably what makes it an even better treat to master them.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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