5 lesser-known facts about GTA Online

GTA Online continues to wow fans (Image via Rockstar)
GTA Online continues to wow fans (Image via Rockstar)
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Players love discovering new facts about one of their favorite games, and GTA Online has some lesser-known facts that may excite them.

There are many facts involving GTA Online. Some might be exclusive to the single-player campaign of GTA 5, while others are shared between the two game modes. Either way, there are some lesser-known facts that plenty of players are not aware of.

Some facts may be apparent to GTA Online fans, but others may genuinely surprise them. Regardless of a player's knowledge of the game, it is still interesting to look back at the various lesser-known facts surrounding it. Some points will also extend past what a player can see in-game.

Some not-so-known facts about GTA Online

#5 - Players can watch mercenaries they hired to kill the target on TV

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Almost every player in GTA Online knows that they can hire Merryweather Mercenaries on some unsuspecting target. What most people don't know is that the player can watch the Merryweather Mercenaries attack the player on the TV in their safehouse.

TVs in GTA Online have plenty of channels, but the one relevant to the hit is only noticeable if they hired the Merryweather Mercenaries.

#4 - When GTA 5 was first released, it was the most expensive game ever made

Image via Rockstar
Image via Rockstar

As GTA Online is heavily tied into GTA 5, this fact is still somewhat relevant to today's topic of discussion. The total cost for GTA 5 was $265 million, which made it the highest for its time.

Now, Cyberpunk 2077 and the unreleased Star Citizen have usurped GTA 5 and GTA Online's costs. Being number three on the most expensive games ever made in 2021 is still very impressive for a game released in 2013.

#3 - Hitting propane tanks puts the player on fire

Image via Karim Huyuza
Image via Karim Huyuza

This fact isn't the most interesting, but it is one of the lesser-known ones in GTA Online. Everybody knows that shooting propane tanks makes them explode (thus setting the player on fire if they survive). What they don't know is that hitting it with a melee weapon won't destroy the propane tank, but it will set the player on fire.

As the tank isn't destroyed, the player can keep attempting to do this (although there isn't much purpose). They just need to be careful not to get shot at when trying this.

#2 - GTA Online is one of the most played Steam games today

Image via Best Video Games Wallpaper 4k
Image via Best Video Games Wallpaper 4k

It's prevalent to see GTA Online (displayed as GTA 5) on Steamcharts's top 10 around the number five spot. Considering this is only measured via Steam, it's safe to say GTA Online is one of the most played games of all time.

It's available on several consoles (and is still playable on older ones like the PS3) and is still as robust and lively as ever (in some cases, even increasing the player base throughout the years).

#1 Rockstar Games claimed GTA Online had been played in over 224 countries

Image via the United Nations
Image via the United Nations

This claim was made back in 2014, so the number might've grown since then. Still, it's very impressive when one considers that the United Nations recognizes only 195 countries.

This means that countries not recognized, like Kosovo, Taiwan, and the like, would count toward this statistic. GTA Online is undoubtedly one of the most popular games of all time.

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