5 map ideas Rockstar should look to explore in GTA 6

GTA 6 is perhaps the most anticipated game today (Image via TechRadar)
GTA 6 is perhaps the most anticipated game today (Image via TechRadar)

Over the years, there have been certain landmark moments in gaming, and the release of GTA 6 will be a landmark of godly magnitudes.

Each day on the internet, Rockstar Games probably receives thousands of mentions, DMs, and comments regarding GTA 6. This happened to an extent where it was suspected that the publisher had banned the keyword "GTA 6" or "VI" on its YouTube comments section.

Much has been said about the current state of GTA Online and the pandora's box of issues and discussions that are Shark Cards. However, it cannot be understated how ridiculously successful Rockstar has been with the GTA franchise, whether Online or otherwise.

However, if the company is to keep making headway and innovate in a genre it helped establish as a significant force, then bolder ideas need to come forward.

The map is one of the most critical aspects of game design for open-world titles like GTA. It could do with some innovation and experimentation by Rockstar Games.

Five ways Rockstar can play around with the map in GTA 6

#5 - Combining all previously explored cities of GTA

Image via techradar
Image via techradar

This is one idea that almost every GTA fan has fantasized about and one that would honestly be ludicrous enough for Rockstar to consider seriously. When taken into consideration by itself, each map is quite huge, so putting them together can be glorious.

The GTA franchise has introduced players to several iconic cities, and experiencing them together makes sense. This would make GTA 6 the biggest game in the series in terms of scale and scope, and probably has been an idea entertained in the studio.

#4 - Leaving America

Image via RockPaperShotgun
Image via RockPaperShotgun

The franchise's identity is so deeply ingrained with American pop culture, media, and satire that it is almost blasphemous to consider GTA leaving the states to take place in another country.

However, a bold creative risk is what the fanbase might respond to the most, with players getting to experience Rockstar's cutting-edge satire on countries like England, Germany, or even Japan.

The possibilities would then be endless for Rockstar to introduce new mythology, newer stories and take on a completely different identity.

#3 - Detailed interiors


One way by which Rockstar has improved on GTA 5 with GTA Online is through the inclusion of more interiors. From workshops to offices to bunkers, players have a lot of room indoors in the latter.

However, the sequel could take a page out of GTA Online and interact more with the game world indoors. Red Dead Redemption 2 famously included more indoors and was appreciated for its decision to do so.

Cyberpunk 2077, even with all its faults, was praised for its depth in the game world that also stretched vertically. Meaning the map was quite detailed in terms of interiors as well.

#2 - Air travel

Image via Just Dean, YouTube
Image via Just Dean, YouTube

In the GTA universe, planes are only ever meant for combat and do not actually leave the island altogether. With GTA potentially opening up to the rest of the world, Rockstar could introduce a fast-travel system between countries.

While players aren't necessarily huge fans of fast-travel, specifically loading screens, the newer next-gen consoles certainly would help out by reducing load times with their powerful SSDs.

#1 - Get rid of the giant open-world map on-screen

Image via u/TheWonderfulPanda, Reddit
Image via u/TheWonderfulPanda, Reddit

Possibly the most contentious entry on the list, the GTA franchise could finally take the boldest move and remove both the mini-map and the map available in the Pause Screen.

This would encourage players to learn the names and locations on the screen and altogether remove all barriers to immersion. Having to consult the physical map of the game that comes with the disc would make for a more formidable challenge and something that the purists would love.

While this could be introduced as a toggle option in the settings, it is undoubtedly an idea that Rockstar should explore.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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