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5 most popular GTA 5 mods that came out in 2020

Image via GTA5Mods
Image via GTA5Mods
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 28 Dec 2020, 14:56 IST
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Modding communities have long been the means through which games like Skyrim and GTA 5 have been able to stay relevant and fun to play even almost a decade after their release. GTA's modding community is one of the most active in the entire gaming community.

To that end, the latest game in the series, GTA 5, continues to receive mods even in 2020, and they can change a lot about the way players experience the game. From graphical tweaks to entire mission scripts, the range of mods on display is simply astounding.

Here we take a look at some of the best mods for GTA 5 that came out in the year 2020.

5 best GTA 5 mods in 2020

#5 - Thor Endgame script

This mod brings the MCU's favorite Norse god to the streets of Los Santos and lets him wreak all sorts of havoc, hopefully against bad guys. Sadly though, the version isn't actually Gamer Thor from Endgame; it is a much cleaner version of him.

The mod also equips Thor with his trusty, new weapon, the Stormbreaker, which can also conjure thunder at will. In a slew of Iron Man and Spider-Man mods, it always feels nice to see other superheroes getting the same kind of love from the GTA community.


#4 - Bank of Liberty Heist

 Image via GTA5mods
Image via GTA5mods

GTA 5's Story Mode isn't short on Heists as it has plenty in its excellent Story Mode. However, this mod brings yet another Heist to the game.

This is very much in line with the kind of Heists seen in GTA Online and does a fair job of emulating the same in the game's single-player mode.

The mission is also a callback to the iconic Three Leaf Clover mission from GTA IV and attempts to create much of that mission's charm. This is an extremely well-made script that allows players to rob the Bank of Liberty in Los Santos.

#3 - PS1/Dreamcast/PS2 Style opening


While admittedly, the mod isn't entirely game-changing, it is still very much one of the most charming mods created for GTA 5.

If one has ever imagined how the intro of the game would look like if it was made during the early 90s, then they need not look any further than this mod.

The mod is also an excellent reminder of how far Rockstar Games has come since the late 90s. The franchise has evolved from the new kid on the block to being the standard-bearer for an entire industry.

#2 - Nightclub Robbery

Image via GTA5Mods
Image via GTA5Mods

Nightclubs are sorely missed by players who switch from GTA Online to Story Mode. While they don't add much to the game in terms of gameplay, they are a nice little distraction from the gunfire and explosions.

However, this mod changes all of that as it makes one particular Nightclub the location for an action-packed Heist. The mod is very reminiscent of iconic nightclub shootouts in movies such as Collateral and John Wick.

For fans of nightclub shootouts, this is definitely the mod to download.

#1 - Hoverboard Mod 3.0

Image via GTA5mods
Image via GTA5mods

GTA 5 is perhaps one of the most ambitious titles in the history of video games with regards to the massive number of unique vehicles in the game. The player rarely has room for complaints regarding vehicles, but everyone pretty much would appreciate a Hoverboard.

For every Back to the Future fan, this mod is an instant no-brainer, as players can now jump on their trusty Hoverboard and zoom past traffic in the most unconvincing Green Goblin cosplay.

Published 28 Dec 2020, 14:56 IST
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