5 most popular GTA RP servers in April 2021

GTA RP has massively been on the rise in 2021 with record viewership numbers (image via GTA Wise Guy, Youtube)
GTA RP has massively been on the rise in 2021 with record viewership numbers (image via GTA Wise Guy, Youtube)
Danyal Arabi

GTA's online presence has grown in the most unprecedented way with GTA RP overshadowing Rockstar Games' first-party online experience, GTA Online.

GTA RP servers are run by the community and feature multiple mods that expand the functionality and depth of the persistent online experience that GTA Online had aimed to provide. With the popularity of roleplaying on the rise, players looking to join in the fun can get a taste of the experience from these 5 most popular GTA RP servers.

Note: This list is compiled with player counts and viewership statistics in mind. The subjective nature of which server is more "fun" varies from player to player

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Top 5 GTA RP servers in 2021

5. MafiaCity GTA RP


MafiaCity offers a true-to-form RP experience, complete with gang RP, civilian RP and detailed guidelines for those looking to join MafiaCity. Most members of the server are long-time players and veterans who have invested hundreds of hours into building their lives in the server.

4. Eclipse


Host to multiple factions, roles, jobs, detailed guidelines and over 200 members at a time, Eclipse is one of the largest GTA RP servers out there right now. Entry barriers are the least with Eclipse RP, as there are multiple in depth guides for new players to fit in real quick.

3. TheFamilyRP


TheFamilyRP is another roleplay-heavy server which puts an emphasis on story-driven interactions and has less flashy job roles with titles like being a professional poker player and more, missing. To join the server, players are required to contact the admins via their forum after linking their Twitch, Steam, and Discord accounts.

2. GTA World


GTA World offers the best solution for introverted players out there who are looking to dabble in RP. GTA World is unique in the sense that it has a heavier emphasis on text-based RP for players who aren't too comfortable with the constant verbal communication needed to RP on other servers.

1. NoPixel


Arguably the most popular GTA RP server out there, NoPixel has become the unofficial face of GTA RP after attracting multiple high profile streamers like Shroud, xQc and Sykkuno to name a few. NoPixel's popularity has boosted GTA 5's viewership to record highs, as it recently overtook League of Legends on Twitch. Players be warned though that being whitelisted for NoPixel is a long and potentially expensive process.

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