5 reasons why GTA 6 will probably not be announced in 2021

GTA 6 must be the most anticipated game today (Image via Dexerto)
GTA 6 must be the most anticipated game today (Image via Dexerto)

It might hurt some fans to know that there might be no announcements for GTA 6 this year.

Potential reasons might range from pragmatic ones to more general issues. Rockstar Games is a highly successful company, so it won't rush announcements for the sake of it.

There are obviously more than five reasons why a game like GTA 6 might not have any announcements in 2021. The following reasons are the most likely and less prone to conjecture than some other opinionated articles on a similar subject.

Five potential reasons why GTA 6 won't have any announcements in 2021

#5 - COVID-19

Image via KSBY
Image via KSBY

It's no surprise that COVD-19 has altered a lot of plans. Even video game companies, businesses that focus on indoor entertainment, have been heavily impacted by it.

Even a titan in the business like Rockstar is forced to announce delays given the reach of this pandemic. Companies not affected by COVID-19 have also delayed announcing new games.

#4 - GTA 6 hasn't progressed enough for a fancy announcement

Image via Sam Drew Takes On
Image via Sam Drew Takes On

Rockstar has little reason to hype this game when it is not entirely developed yet. A rushed game can become a disaster. Developers have to work harder and crunch several hours overtime to reach deadlines.

Apparently, the 100 Red Dead Redemption 2 crunch hours were nightmarish, especially since this move seemed to be panned by the video game community.

There's no need to receive negative attention for the sake of announcing a game in 2021 when it doesn't need it. When GTA 6 is ready, Rockstar will notify more juicy details about it.

Until then, it's just logical to assume that there would be no announcements concerning GTA 6 this year.

#3 - PS5 and Xbox Series X

Image via Nox Influencer
Image via Nox Influencer

The new hot consoles are must-haves for owners of the previous generations. GTA 6 would be phenomenal on these consoles, but seeing as these consoles are still in their infancy, it might take a while to perfect GTA 6's optimization for them.

Even if the announcements are for a game coming out in a year or two, there still exists the chance that they would have to delay the game.

GTA 5 was also recently re-released on these consoles, so Rockstar might seek to maximize its profits with the older game first. GTA 6 will sell like hotcakes, no question about it, so Rockstar is in no rush to announce it anytime soon when they can still port GTA 5 for a sizable profit.

Plus, if GTA 6 is poorly optimized on the new consoles, the developer could expect more memes, similar to Cyberpunk 2077.

#2 - TTWO's committed marketing spend by fiscal year

Image via Jeff Cohen
Image via Jeff Cohen

TTWO is the stock abbreviation for Take-Two Interactive Software, and analyst Jeff Cohen wrote the above report.

Initially, the purpose of this analysis was to show how the marketing strategy shifted a whole year (from 2023 to 2024), which means something significant got delayed. As Take-Two Interactive Software is heavily involved in games, it's a reasonably safe bet to assume it's one of the most hyped games.

So technically, there are three reasons as to why GTA 6 might not be announced in 2021. The first one is that it probably won't be released until 2024, so that might be too long. The second is the low F21 in "TTWO Committed Marketing Spend As of May 2020".

Considering the lack of marketing funding in 2021, it seems unlikely that GTA 6 will get announced this year.

#1 - GTA Online's massive success

Image via Newsweek
Image via Newsweek

GTA Online is often blamed as the primary reason fans won't get GTA 6 anytime soon.

While it's not confirmed to affect GTA 6 directly, it is logical to assume some interference between the two priorities. GTA Online is already one of the most successful games of all time, so Rockstar is highly unlikely to abandon a cash cow in 2021.

GTA 6 would likely have an online feature, which would have the publisher competing with its own game in terms of audience. The company could delay the online aspect until then, but making a premature announcement years before release could hurt some people's motivation to play GTA Online (and pay for Shark Cards) in 2021.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the writer's opinions.

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