5 reasons why the Oppressor MKII needs to be nerfed in GTA Online

The Oppressor MkII has changed how GTA Online is played since its release
The Oppressor MkII has changed how GTA Online is played since its release
Danyal Arabi

The bane of every beginner in GTA Online, the Oppressor MkII, has become a symbol of griefing and everything wrong with GTA Online in 2021.

With its rockets, speed, and unmatched maneuverability, the Oppressor MkII is not just overpowered to use; it's almost impossible for lower-tier players to counter, as they don't have access to the weapons required to level the playing field.

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5 reasons to nerf the Oppressor MkII in GTA Online

#5 - Redundancy


Owning the Oppressor MkII essentially invalidates the existence of all other vehicles in the game. Like a hoverbike that can scale any mountain, float on water, and fire missiles, players are de-incentivized from using any other vehicle in the game, deeming all of them redundant.

#4 - Breaking the economy


With players having no reason to buy expensive vehicles in the game, the in-game economy fails to entice players into spending. This leads to boredom and eventual loss of players as they no longer have compelling reasons to spend money on vehicles as the Oppressor MkII is overpowered in all regards.

#3 - Players miss out on the intricacies of the map


GTA 5's map is incredibly detailed and laced with intricacies that can take hours, if not days, to find. Designed to make players slow down and appreciate the detail and level of immersion it offers, Los Santos is a dense and rich environment that is a treat for players to experience.

With the Oppressor MkII, players can simply fly in a straight line and avoid the masterpiece of a city Rockstar has created.

#2 - Difficult to counter


The Oppressor MkII is difficult to counter, with players having to resort to explosive sniper rounds, impeccable aim, or armored vehicles to even traverse the map.

To counter the Oppressor MkII GTA Online, players need to have significant capital and need to have invested in the right equipment like a deluxo or toreador to even stand a chance. In most cases, the only counter to an Oppressor MkII is simply another Oppressor as no vehicle is diverse enough to got toe to toe with it.

#1 - Griefing


Synonymous with griefing, the Oppressor MkII is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to ruin other players' days. Equipped with 20 homing rockets that are infinitely more responsive than the Buzzards, the Oppressor MkII is a hit-and-run machine.

Even more annoyingly, players can simply call in their Terrorbyte's nearby to restock their missiles and instantly repair their Oppressors to go back and grief more players.

The only escape that lower-tier players have is to switch sessions as going passive prevents players from performing most activities in the game like becoming a CEO or MC club president.

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