5 reasons players should play GTA Online in 2021

Image via RockstarIntel
Image via RockstarIntel
Rahul Bhushan

GTA Online has come a long way since it came out all the way back in 2013 alongside Grand Theft Auto 5. Back then, it was considered a fun little add-on to the Story Mode with a few fun game modes but not a lot to do apart from it.

But with quality title updates that introduced a tonne to the game every year or so, GTA Online has evolved into one of the best online multiplayer experiences of today.

The title has a tonne of wacky game modes and allows players to use their own imagination to create a bunch of stuff as well.

From a sprawling Freemode to intricate match types that can take up hours at a time, GTA Online never ceases to amaze. Here we look at five reasons why players should give GTA Online a try in 2021.

Why players should play GTA Online in 2021

#5 - Heists


The obvious right out of the way, probably the biggest reason players would give GTA Online a shot, is the Heists. They are the perfect match for GTA players as friends and crew members can get together and pull off elaborate Heists with as much or as little noise.

Players enjoy spending hours trying to come up with a strong plan not to die multiple times during the same hallway. Completing Heists on Hard results in higher payouts, and it doesn't take long for each mission to devolve into chaos, making for hilarious and exciting gameplay.

Heists usually get added to the game annually, which fans are extremely appreciative of.

#4 - Story Mode characters


Not only does GTA Online add a bunch of new faces to the game, but it also brings back older ones. As some events of Online are set previous to the events of Story Mode, it makes for an extremely fun time seeing how characters were before the Story Mode took place.

Now, GTA Online has moved past the Story Mode timeline and fleshing out the future of certain characters. No spoilers, but the latest Heist in the game contains a hilarious extension of a storyline from the Story Mode concerning Trevor Phillips.

For fans of Story Mode who are yet to receive an expansion, Online makes for a decent enough substitute.

#3 - Races


The argument could be made that GTA Online is perhaps one of the best arcade racing games one can play in 2021. With a vast amount of race types, tracks, and all sorts of hilarity to be had, the game makes a solid case for itself as one of the most fun arcade racing games around.

From Open Wheel Races to crazy Stunt Races, the game has pretty much everything one could ask for in an arcade racer. Not only are there fun match types, but the vehicles are also plenty, and with the improved driving mechanics of Grand Theft Auto V, the races are extremely fun to play.

If one is not a fan of shooting games, GTA Online works quite well as a racing game as well.

2 - Character Customization


Many players look for games where they can pretty much customize every aspect of their character. GTA Online lets the player customize the character's appearance right down to their parental heritage and allows for a countless amount of cosmetic items.

The title has perhaps one of the most extensive character creators in the history of games. Players who are fans of building up their character akin to an RPG will enjoy GTA Online quite a bit.

The game has quazi RPG elements such as stats for abilities and has an organic way of leveling up in those areas. The game is an extremely rewarding experience and should definitely satisfy the fans of RPGs.

#1 - The Cayo Perico Heist


While the rest of the Heists are great in their own right, the Cayo Perico Heist is in a league of its own. Dropping towards the tail end of 2020, the Cayo Perico Heist is the biggest ever Heist in GTA Online's history.

Not only does it take place in an entirely separate location from Los Santos, but it also has the most amount of work required in setup and Scoping. The Heist takes a lot of leg-work, but it pays off in a huge way as well.

There's plenty of ways in which players can approach the Heist, and it is an extremely tough one to crack on greater difficulties as El Rubio's security is extremely aggressive.

Players looking to play an action-packed Heist filled with all sorts of humor will surely enjoy the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online.

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