5 things about GTA Online that Rockstar Games gets right

Image via Rockstar
Image via Rockstar
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GTA Online is undeniably Rockstar Games' greatest financial success, so here's a retrospective look at what they did right in GTA Online.

There are many things Rockstar Games does right with GTA Online, just as there are many things they do incorrectly. The former is more relevant for today's topic of discussion, as there are plenty of noteworthy actions Rockstar Games has done to keep GTA Online alive and well in 2021.

Naturally, Rockstar Games has the money and the resources to make GTA Online amazing. This fact shows in several updates within GTA Online.

GTA Online is still one of the most popular games in 2021, which is extremely impressive for a game that was released in 2013. Very few games have that sort of longevity. Everything on this list focuses on the broader appeal that players have with GTA Online.

5 things Rockstar Games did right in GTA Online

#5 - Customizable protagonists

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

While customizable protagonists aren't a new concept (having appeared in similar games like in the Saints Row franchise years before), GTA Online's customizable protagonists are surprisingly excellent.

Naturally, there is a choice to play as a man or as a woman (the latter of which hasn't occurred in a prior GTA game). Afterward, there is an abundance of clothing and other aesthetic options to consider if the player has enough money.

It isn't just appearances that are customizable in GTA Online. There's a multitude of safehouses, new cars, and weapons that players can customize to suit their playstyle better.

Considering the game is still being worked on as of 2021, there's always going to be more options for players to use on their GTA Online protagonist.

#4 - Heists

Image via Rockstar
Image via Rockstar

GTA Online (and GTA V as a whole) is fondly remembered for the numerous heists in the game. First, there is the set-up process prior to the actual heists.

For some players, they can better immerse themselves in the world of GTA through these missions. For others, it's the actual heist itself that is amazing to play through. It isn't just fun; it's gratifying.

Between the recent Cayo Perico Heist and some older heists, such as the Fleeca Job, there's always a heist out there for a player. Some require more skill, while the easier ones can be attempted by more players.

In some ways, heists are the heart and soul of GTA Online. Another bonus is that heists are a great way to meet new friends and enemies.

#3 - Diversity of activities

Image via Gamespot
Image via Gamespot

GTA Online isn't just a game where players participate in heists. There are loads of activities for a player to try. Some might be quite minor, like parachuting or racing, while others are more outlandish, like gambling in a casino or doing the game's abundance of heists. Even simpler activities like customizing a whole garage of cars can be a blast.

Both noobs and professional players can always find something to do in GTA Online. Noobs can choose to do contact missions, while skilled players can do practically anything from stunt races to running a business.

Players, of course, can interact with one another in-game. They can even go on rampages against other players, seeing who can run the lobby. However, beware of griefers and hackers.

#2 - How they deal with the players

Image via GTA Boom
Image via GTA Boom

Now, GTA Online is infamous for shark cards and seeming like a grind fest at times. While giving away millions of dollars may not alleviate that problem, it still helps the player tremendously.

Between money and other collectibles, there's generally a free item given to the player for free or to those with Twitch Prime.

Another similar thing to note is how Rockstar Games handles cheaters. As of January 2021, players can get permanently banned for their second offense. It's a harsh loss, but it deters some players from cheating so blatantly. It isn't perfect, as some players have claimed to have been banned wrongfully.

Aside from that, seeing bad sports with a dunce hat is an amusing sight. Ultimately, they've done some things right, as there are hundreds of thousands of players playing GTA Online on Steam alone.

#1 - Frequent updates

Image via Rockstar
Image via Rockstar

Frequent updates aren't a new concept for an online game. However, GTA Online's myriad of updates often introduces new game modes, weapons, cars, and a plethora of other interesting activities that can make a game more diverse.

Once a player considers how much money has been made off of GTA Online, it should become apparent that the updates will not stop anytime soon.

Everything else on this list and through other articles is based on the quality of updates that have arrived in GTA Online.

Now, not every player might enjoy certain aspects of these updates. Yet, they must acknowledge that the player base is alive and well, which is more than can be said about other games with dead player bases.

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