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5 most underwhelming purchases in GTA Online

Image via u/Soulburner74, r/gtaonline
Image via u/Soulburner74, r/gtaonline
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 22 Feb 2021
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GTA Online is full of shiny toys, fast cars, big guns, tall buildings, and just about everything to catch the player's eyes.

While there are some exorbitant purchases like the Oppressor MKII that can cost north of $3 million in GTA Online, they more than earn their price tag, given just how useful they are.

Then there are some that are unreasonably expensive and do very little to justify their price tag in any way, shape, or form. While some are meant to be some kind of commentary on excess and merely exist as a form of satire, others are simply just underwhelming.

This article takes a look at some purchases in GTA Online that are either massively overpriced or simply don't offer as much as their price tag would suggest.

Note: This list solely reflects the writer's personal views.

5 extremely underwhelming purchases in GTA Online

#5 - Document Forgery (MC Business)


While on its own, the Document Forgery business is pretty fine, offering a good, steady source of income. However, compared to the rest of the businesses part of the MC Business, the Document Forgery doesn't compare all that well.

While GTA Online players can stick to their guns with the Document Forgery business, they would be profiting way more off of other businesses like the Cocaine Lockup.

#4 - Luxor Deluxe

Every GTA Online player knows for a fact that no one really needs a golden jet in their Hangar. However, if excess is that important to a player, they are welcome to buy the shockingly overpriced Luxor Deluxe.

Purely in terms of utility and performance, the Luxor Deluxe is about the most mediocre jet one can buy, considering its price tag. The jet costs an eyebrow-raising whopping $10 million.

For that price, players can buy three Oppressor MKIIs and still have money left over to buy a clown outfit because that is exactly what one needs to wear when flying a Luxor Deluxe.

#3 - Low or medium-end apartment


A high-end apartment gives the player access to heists in GTA Online along with a 10-car garage that can come in handy quite often. However, apart from a spawn point, a low or medium-end apartment will get the player absolutely nothing and is never a smart purchase.

There is no reason for the player to ever own anything less than a high-end apartment, as they can simply bide their time, do more missions, make more money, and not languish in the little leagues with a low-end apartment.

#2 - Boats

In terms of transportation and utility, the most useful boat in GTA Online cannot compare to the least-expensive helicopter or an Oppressor MKII. Players simply won't be spending a huge amount of their time in the game on a boat or in the water.

If the player truly wants to own a boat, then nothing can really stop them, but it is never an absolute necessity. Plus, a Dinghy comes for free if the player owns a Kosatka Submarine.

#1 - Shark Cards

GTA Online streamers and content creators like The Professional have broken down in great detail exactly why a Shark Card should never be a viable option. Since players can simply grind and make more GTA$ in the game than the most expensive Shark Card can offer.

Shark Cards are simply a cop-out, and it makes little sense for players to buy one as making money in the game is easier than one might think.

The game continuously throws plenty of money towards the player through bonus activities, daily objectives, and free vehicles.

Published 22 Feb 2021, 16:44 IST
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