5 vehicles everyone should own in GTA Online in 2021

(Image via rockstar newswire)
(Image via rockstar newswire)
Rahul Bhushan
"Here in my car, I feel the safest of all"

Perhaps nothing suits GTA Online more than the lyrics of Gary Numan's famous song. Having a useful vehicle in the game is as important as having big guns, tons of ammo, and tons of cash.

If a player can figure out just how to grind and amass fortunes in GTA Online, the next logical step is to invest in a useful vehicle. Perhaps a shiny new sports car or a massive tank.

This article discusses five vehicles that can help players find their way through the murky waters of GTA Online.

5 vehicles everyone should own in GTA Online in 2021

5) Benefactor Krieger/ Emerus/ Pariah (sports/super car)


It is extremely tough to resist buying the fastest sports cars in GTA Online. They look fantastic and back it up with a high performance. However, there is no reason to own more than a couple of sports/supercars to be used in races.

The Benefactor Krieger, Progen Emerus, and Ocelot Pariah are all good options, but it mostly depends on the player's skill level and style. Some players are willing to compromise easy handling for faster speed or acceleration, while others prefer the nimble touch of a well-balanced sports car.

Depending on the player's abilities and taste, it always pays to have a fast car in one's garage in GTA Online.

4) Pegassi Toreador


Pegassi Toreador is one of the latest arrivals to GTA Online as part of the Cayo Perico Heist update. It is one of the most useful vehicles in the game. GTA Online fans are typically wary of "special vehicles" as they are often overpriced and not worth the cost.

The Toreador laughs in the face of that notion and is one of the best cars one can buy in the game. The following are some useful features from the Toreador:

  1. Unlimited Missile
  2. Ability to dive underwater (Submersible)
  3. Rocket Boost
  4. Decent Armour

While not the most powerful vehicle in the game, the Toreador is value for money and is definitely a great addition to the player's garage.

3) Armored Kuruma


Usually, the Armored Kuruma is one of the first big purchases for players in GTA Online. Many can feel the car might be overrated, seeing how almost every guide harps about the Kuruma as a true essential.

However, it is anything but overrated, as for half a million, it is essentially buying a cheat code that makes Contact Missions a breeze. In turn, those become a great source of money so that players can start doing bigger heists in GTA Online.

Therefore, having an Armored Kuruma is key to moving up in the game as a rookie.

2) Buzzard Attack Chopper


As players eventually move up in GTA Online, they will soon realize that grinding is the only way forward. They require a special tool for grinding - the Buzzard Attack Chopper serves as the ideal tool.

In terms of utility, Buzzard serves every purpose in GTA Online. The Buzzard Attack Chopper is a handy tool in the player's arsenal by enabling players to grow their businesses exponentially.

There is simply no room for complaint with the Buzzard Attack Chopper. It more than justifies its price tag.

1) Oppressor MKII


The Oppressor MKII, for all means and purposes, is an endgame vehicle in GTA Online. There is nothing more infuriating than being bombarded by this flying gargoyle of a bike.

Because it is used for griefing so regularly, players might have negative feelings towards the Oppressor MKII. However, on the face of it, the Oppressor MKII is a handy vehicle in GTA Online.

Not only is it fast and extremely mobile, but it also has a ton of offensive capabilities, meaning it can shred anything it comes in contact with.

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