5 ways to ensure protection from griefers in GTA Online in 2021

To protect oneself from griefers in GTA Online, it is important to always be armed to the teeth and ready for violence (Image via Rockstar Games)
To protect oneself from griefers in GTA Online, it is important to always be armed to the teeth and ready for violence (Image via Rockstar Games)

Griefers have always been a part of any online multiplayer game, and GTA Online is no different. While they are supremely annoying, they also form an integral part of the game that forces players to re-think their approach.

Whether that means having certain failsafes and contingencies at all times in Freemode or always being vigilant, it can lead to a more competitive session. Most of the time, however, griefers are simply a cause for fans to quit playing the game for a far more enjoyable experience.

To protect oneself from griefers, it is important to always be armed to the teeth and ready for violence. Here is a list of useful items that are bound to come in handy in GTA Online in 2021.

5 things that players can do to protect themselves from griefers in GTA Online

#5 Get the Up-n-Atomizer


The Up-n-Atomizer is a space ranger's best friend and one of Oppressor MKII's worst nightmares in GTA Online. This thing can fire off shots endlessly as it doesn't require a reload. This is because it doesn't use conventional bullets or ammunition.

Instead, there is a short cooldown period between each shot as it sends out shockwaves that flip over heavy vehicles and knock players off their perch. This is extremely useful against griefers, who are usually atop an Oppressor MKII.

Plus, players don't even have to be that accurate with this gun to knock players off of their bikes.

#4 Buy the Terrorbyte/MOC/Avenger


Getting a heavily armored semi-truck like the Terrorbyte or the MOC can never be a bad decision in GTA Online. These things can stop Superman dead in his tracks with multiple layers of armor protecting them from harm.

While they won't stand against the Orbital Cannon, they will stop just about everything else, including Homing Missiles and RPGs. Plus, the weapons on-board will ensure that the player always has the upper hand in any firefight in GTA Online.

#3 Buy the Pegassi Toreador


The Pegassi Toreador is the newest bad boy in GTA Online and is an absolute terror in Freemode lobbies. It is the ultimate counter to the Oppressor MKII, and it almost feels like it was designed exclusively for that purpose.

While the car cannot fly or take to the air, it can go underwater and shoot torpedoes at anything that dares follow it. Plus, it has unlimited missiles on-board, which is music to the ears of GTA Online players.

Its powerful boost, combined with its amphibious nature, makes it an absolute must-have against griefers in any GTA Online session.

#2 Equio the Heavy Sniper MKII


The Heavy Sniper MKII is way ahead of every other weapon in GTA Online when it comes to sheer brutality and stopping power. The weapon can be fitted with explosive rounds, which will destroy just about anything they come in contact with.

If the player has even a half-decent shot with this gun, they will be able to wreak absolute havoc in a GTA Online session. The Heavy Sniper MKII will protect players from all sorts of danger by essentially making them the highest form of danger in any session.

#1 Out-grief the griefer


Sometimes, players must forego their sense of morality and stoop down to become a griefer themselves. This often leads to other players assuming that you are a griefer as well. However, that is just the cost that players have to pay at times.

To that end, players must hop on their Oppressor MKII and go about griefing a particular griefer. The Oppressor MKII, when used correctly, can be a force for good - but it is just as capable of wanton villainy.

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