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5 ways to tackle an Oppressor MKII in GTA Online

The Oppressor MKII is perhaps the most despised vehicle in GTA Online (Image via Shark R, YouTube)
The Oppressor MKII is perhaps the most despised vehicle in GTA Online (Image via Shark R, YouTube)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 21 Feb 2021

Chances are, if players have logged onto GTA Online in recent times and played the free mode, they may have run into an Oppressor MKII. These hoverbikes have taken over the game in a big way, to the point where free mode is essentially the Oppressor MKII's personal playground.

Players have often fought fire with fire and bought themselves an Oppressor MKII in response. However, there are more ways to fight the beast. GTA Online allows gamers to pick their poison and build their loadouts and arsenal any way they see fit.

This aspect allows gamers to get a hold of all sorts of powerful weapons and vehicles should they have the means to do so. If the Oppressor MKII has been a constant thorn in a player's side, here are five ways to help vanquish griefers in GTA Online's free mode.

Five best modes to oppose an Oppressor MKII in GTA Online

#1 - Use the Up-n-Atomizer

While not exactly the most economical of purchases, the Up-n-Atomizer can be a bit too expensive, but it certainly is not overpriced. The gun has unlimited ammunition and works on a cooldown-timer after each shot, and sends out a shockwave that can knock the Oppressor MKII out of the sky.

The player can use the gun as the hoverbike charges in (the targeting system on the Oppressor MKII isn't exactly forgiving). The Oppressor MKII is an easy target when it's swooping in as it needs to move in a straight line to aim correctly, and that is when the player needs to get a shot off.


A single, well-placed shot with the Up-n-Atomizer will knock the player off the Oppressor MKII, allowing for an easy kill. However, players remember to switch back to another weapon (like the Special Carbine) when the opponent is downed.

#2 - The Toreador

Before the winter of 2020, GTA Online didn't exactly have a great counter for the Oppressor MKII. However, with the Cayo Perico Heist update came the Pegassi Toreador, a mighty weaponized car with unlimited missiles. It is definitely something GTA Online players can get behind.

The party doesn't stop with the unlimited missiles, as the Toreador can go underwater and double up as a Submersible. On top of that, the car also has a powerful boost that propels it forward and helps avoid the Oppressor MKII's barrage of missiles in the free mode.


Since the hoverbike has limited missiles, players can dodge the Oppressor's rockets and then move in for an easy kill with the barrage at hand with the Toreador. Alternatively, they can dive underwater to avoid a lock-on and then come back up to the surface to lob a few shots.

#3 - Keep a safe distance

This might be especially hard to do as the Oppressor MKII can chase down pretty much every GTA Online vehicle with its ability to fly. Yet, if players manage to put some distance between themselves and the hoverbike, they have a better chance of popping off shots at it.

The Oppressor MKII is incredibly tough to aim with, and players need to be in a straight line most of the time. This makes them quite an easy target for sniper rifles and even homing missiles.

A heavy sniper or explosive sniper is effective against these flying pests. Distance works mostly in favor of the player going up against an Oppressor MKII in GTA Online.

#4 - Constantly be on the move


While the Oppressor is an extremely effective vehicle in GTA Online, it is also notoriously difficult to aim with, which is why a moving target presents a lot of problems.

However, the direction of the movement also matters quite a bit. If players are in a vehicle, then moving away from the Oppressor MKII's flight path is a risk, and so is moving towards it.

Instead, the focus should be on moving sideways and only turning towards it to pop off a shot. The best time to lob a shot is right after it launches a missile, as there is a little bit of a window between the two shots. Movement and timing become key when going up against the Oppressor MKII in GTA Online.

#5 - Bring the Terror to free mode

The Terrorbyte, or even the MOC for that matter, are two abnormally tough SOBs in GTA Online that can take an ungodly amount of damage. They also have tonnes of weaponry that can be used to bring the Oppressor MKII down.


Thus, timing and movement are of no consequence to the player as the Terrorbyte will take plenty of missiles before it bursts into flames. Hence, players can simply let the Oppressor MKII exhaust itself and then dispatch it with ease using any of the weapons available on-board.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

Published 21 Feb 2021, 16:13 IST
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