Are the F1-style open-wheel cars worth it in GTA Online?

GTA Online's Open Wheel cars provide a new automotive experience (image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online's Open Wheel cars provide a new automotive experience (image via Rockstar Games)

In early 2020, GTA Online's car roster had two new cars added to it, the Progen PR4 and the Ocelot R88. Benefactor BR8 and Declasse DR1 were later added as part of the Los Santos Summer Special update.

These vehicles created a brand new class of cars in GTA Online called "Open Wheel" vehicles. These four cars maneuver differently when compared to the standard GTA Online cars. They also have a killer feature that makes them unique. With that said, this article dives into their worth in the game and viability as an investment.

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Are GTA Online's Open Wheel cars worth it?


GTA Online's Open Wheel cars are built and inspired by a mix of Formula 1 design principles and Indy cars. In terms of performance, the vehicles operate roughly the same with mild variations in handling. However, each vehicle will set players back a couple of million dollars.

  • Benefactor BR8 โ€“ $3,400,000
  • Progen PR4 โ€“ $3,515,000
  • Ocelot R88 โ€“ $3115,000
  • Declasse DR1 โ€“ $2,997,000

While the performance metrics of the Open Wheel cars are not impressive and are outperformed by older cars in terms of speed, the real focus for the F1 style cars is downforce and acceleration.

Cornering in Open-Wheel cars is extremely easy, allowing players to take turns full throttle without losing any speed. But the real kicker is the KERS (Kinetic Energy Reserve System) that would enable players to accumulate boost by braking.


The rapid acceleration combined with KERS and the inhuman downforce of the Open-Wheel cars makes them a fun way to roam Los Santos. Owning these vehicles also gives players access to exclusive Open-Wheel Races.

Owning at least one Open-Wheel car in GTA Online makes sense. However, expecting them to outperform a Kreiger or Itali RSX in races is unreasonable.

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