Why fans love CJ from GTA: San Andreas

CJ from GTA: San Andreas (Image:
CJ from GTA: San Andreas (Image:

The protagonist of GTA: San Andreas is a favourite character for many GTA enthusiasts across over the world. Carl Johnson, popularly known as CJ, is the one we are talking about, and is the second-in-command in the Grove Street Families, a popular street gang in Los Santos.

Short summary of the CJ's story in GTA: San Andreas

Followed by the death of his brother Brian, CJ moved to Liberty City for a fresh beginning. He led a quiet life there, and was involved in various small crimes and car thefts. After a while, his mother passed away under mysterious circumstances, which instigated his return to Los Santos. Once back, CJ started investigating the mystery surrounding his mother’s death.

CJ also found out about the fallen reputation of the Grove Street Families and started working towards restoring it to its former glory. He was helped by his elder brother, Sean Johnson, who was popularly known as Sweet. However, since CJ trusted people easily, his friends broke his trust and betrayed him, making him leave Los Santos once again.

But he does not give up, coming back a second time β€” more powerful than ever β€” to take revenge and make the Grove Street Families one of the most powerful gangs in the world of GTA: San Andreas.

Personality of CJ in GTA: San Andreas

CJ, the family man (Image: GTA Wiki - Fandom)
CJ, the family man (Image: GTA Wiki - Fandom)

CJ still remains a beloved character of GTA: San Andreas because of his honesty and integrity. Moreover, he was a family man who truly loved and respected the people he cared about. His approach to life was not cynical, and he was quick to trust the people he knew. His loyalty towards his duties and helpful nature are what appealed to fans and made him an instant favourite.

Even though he was involved in various crimes, he was better than most of the characters out there. He even felt remorse for taking revenge, and created an opportunity for the people he was about to punish to redeem themselves.

This shows that while CJ could be bloody-minded when needed, he was also deeply committed to his values and family, and it is the latter qualities that endeared him to the San Andreas faithful.

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