Gaming and GTA community reacts to Blue622's death

Blue622 (Image: Twitch)
Blue622 (Image: Twitch)

The gaming community was shocked to find out that popular Twitch streamer Blue622 passed away on 4th July 2020 in Budd Lake, New Jersey. Kenny Tancredi, who was known to the gaming community as Blue622, was a Twitch streamer with over 45,000 followers. Blue622 was celebrated for streaming GTA 5 in Twitch and was popular among other GTA gamers.

The sudden death of Blue622, who celebrated his 30th birthday on 22nd June, naturally came as a shock to the GTA community. He began his journey in the gaming world with Super Nintendo.

The obituary, which was posted on Morgan Funeral Home, revealed a lot about the gamer. It stated that Blue622 was always into technology, and that he was a generous person who loved to make people laugh. It also revealed that he was an animal lover who loved water sports and snowboarding.

It went on to say that “Kenny conquered many challenges through his short life, but could not conquer all – even though he gave it a good fight,” which perfectly summed up the gamer’s life.

The irony of the last tweet from Blue622 made everyone even sadder. He talked about the demise of popular Twitch streamer Reckful, who took his own life on 2nd July 2020.

GTA community’s reactions to Blue622’s demise

The GTA community and friends of the gamer shared their happy memories and poured in with their condolences via Twitter.

Popular Twitch streamer GenG Ava, with over 170K followers on Twitter, also expressed her sorrow over the death of Blue622.

Forntinite player Garrett, who has over 200K followers on Twitter, tweeted about how Blue622 inspired GTA players to improve their gameplay.

Another famous Twitch streamer, and Tancredi's good friend — Jaryd Russell Lazar — popularly known as Summit1g, also talked about his friend's sad death.


Here are some other reactions from the community:

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