GTA 5: 5 best graphics mods in 2020

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Five years after its PC launch, GTA 5 still holds up visually; it can compete even against the latest AAA games in that aspect. It is one of the most enjoyable open-world experiences in the market, and players can spend hours playing the various missions it offers.

But for those of you looking to push your new RTX 3000 GPUs, or anyone with excess PC horsepower seeking to ramp up their GTA 5 experience, these stunning graphics mods will come in quite handy.

Five most enriching GTA 5 graphics mods

1. NaturalVision Evolved


Probably one of the most well-known graphics mods for GTA 5, NaturalVision Evolved is a complete rework of the game's visual tone, post-processing, and even material effects. This mod's main selling point is that it incorporates a greater level of screen-space reflections, bringing you the closest you can get to ray tracing on a previous-gen title.

Note: This mod is in early access and is only available to donators for now.

2. NaturalVision Remastered


An earlier iteration from the creators of NaturalVision Evolved, NaturalVision Remastered is a slightly different take on a visual overhaul. The main difference is the removal of the in-game distance fog, making the world look a lot more vibrant and alive. To choose which aesthetic you prefer, refer to this comparison.

3. GTA 5 Redux


GTA 5 Redux is not just any other graphics mod. It brings updated physics, sounds, and a lot more than just a visual upgrade. It uses its predecessor, GTA 4's Euphoria physics engine, to bring back the hilarity of falling from a flight of stairs all while looking crisp and clean.

4. Project NVRX


Project NVRX sees user Kryton put together the best bits of GTA 5 Redux and NaturalVision Remastered. This custom mod pack is a bunch of mods (included in the above video's description) tweaked to work together for one of the best visual experiences in GTA 5, including snow graphics that could rival even Forza Horizon 4.

5. VisualV


One of the more subtle graphics mods on this list, VisualV focuses on revamping this game's weather and time cycle effects. Reflections and color correction are also a focus area for the devs, and its results are quite stunning. Take the mod for a spin and see for yourself.

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