GTA 5: All Letter Scraps locations in the game

"A Starlet in Vinewood" is unlocked after collecting all 25 Letter Scraps
"A Starlet in Vinewood" is unlocked after collecting all 25 Letter Scraps

Collectibles have always been a part of the GTA experience ever since the first game. In fact, they have been a major part of gaming as a whole.

Collectibles are required to complete the game 100 percent, and GTA 5 is rich with plenty of collectibles. One such collectible in the game is the Letter Scraps that are spread across the map.

Collecting all the Letter Scraps will uncover the mystery behind the murder of famous actress Leonora Johnson. These can be collected by any of the three protagonists. Upon collecting all 50 Letter Scraps, players can complete the 'A Starlet in Vinewood' side mission as Franklin.

These Letter Scraps appear as shiny white material on the surface, and the sound of paper flapping in the wind can be heard when near one. This hint can be extremely useful to find the Letter Scraps. Chop can also help in finding these collectibles when near one.

Letter Scrap in GTA 5
Letter Scrap in GTA 5

GTA 5: All Letter Scraps locations

GTA 5 All Letter Scraps Locations on Map
GTA 5 All Letter Scraps Locations on Map
  1. Hawick Skate Park
  2. Abandoned Mine in Great Chaparral
  3. Public Toilet at Procopio Truck Stop
  4. Dignity Village
  5. Paleto Bay Beeker's Garage
  6. Paleto Bay
  7. Paleto Bay Sawmill
  8. Mount Chilliad Tramway
  9. Chilliad Mountain State Wilderness
  10. Raton Canyon
  11. Alamo Sea
  12. Gailee
  13. Grapeseed
  14. Mount Gordo
  15. Sandy Shores Abandoned Motel
  16. Sandy Shores Airfield
  17. Harmony- Stoner Cement Works
  18. Great Chaparral- Hill Valley Church
  19. Zancudo River
  20. Lago Zancudo
  21. Great Chaparral
  22. Redwoods Lights Track
  23. San Chianski Mountain
  24. Pacific Ocean
  25. Vinewood Hills on to the of the "I"
  26. Lake Vinewood Estates
  27. Vinewood Hills
  28. Tongva Valley
  29. Pacific Bluffs
  30. Pacific Bluffs Country Club
  31. Pacific Blffs Cemetery
  32. Backlot City
  33. Del Perro Pier
  34. Vespucci Beach
  35. Vespucci Canals
  36. Burton BBQ
  37. Alta
  38. East Vinewood, stands of Racetrack
  39. Los Santos River, South
  40. La Mesa, Vespucci Blvd
  41. Murrieta Oil Field
  42. Terminal- Buccaneer Way
  43. Cypress Flats
  44. Elysian Island
  45. Davis
  46. Davis Megal Mall
  47. Los Santos International Airport
  48. Pacific Ocean, south of NOOSE headquarters
  49. Los Santos International Airport, Sightings Bar
  50. Pillbox Hill, Mile High Club

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