GTA 5: Location of all 50 stunt jumps in the game

(Picture credits: hazardous | YouTube)
(Picture credits: hazardous | YouTube)

Stunt jumps have been a big part of GTA games since the 3D era began, and have always been a fun element of the game. These are essentially hidden ramps propelling vehicles into slow-motion jumps.

There are a total of 50 stunt jumps hidden all across Los Santos and Los Santos County in GTA 5. The Stunt Jumps Collectables are required to reach 100% game completion and will also earn you the "Show Off" trophy & achievement.

Below is a guide to the locations of all the 50 Stunt Jumps found in GTA 5, so that you do not have to go about searching the entire play area just to complete the set. Using this guide will save you both time and hard work

Location of all stunt jumps in GTA 5

Map with all 50 stunt jumps in GTA 5
Map with all 50 stunt jumps in GTA 5

Location 1: Vinewood Hills

Location 2: Little Seoul

Location 3: North Calafia Way

Location 4: Paleto Bay

Location 5: Raton Pass

Location 6: Elgin Avenue Parking Garage

Location 7: Parking Garage on Peaceful Street

Location 8: Del Perro Freeway Overpass

Location 9: Equality Way

Location 10: Rockford Plaza

Location 11: Vinewood Hills

Location 12: Mount Gordo

Location 13: South of Boilinbroke Penitentiary

Location 14: Pillbox Hill West Entrance

Location 15: Little Seoul/Decker St

Location 16: South Los Santos

Location 17: Police Station Parking Structure

Location 18: Overpass Above San Andreas Blvd

Location 19: Construction Site in Paleto Bay

Location 20: Senora Freeway

Location 21: Los Santos Golf Club

Location 22: Docks, South Port of Los Santos

Location 23: Sandy Shores

Location 24: Los Santos Freeway Flood Drains

Location 25:South Los Santos, Medical Building

Location 26: La Puerta Freeway

Location 27: Los Santos Airport

Location 28: Pacific Bluffs

Location 29: Sandyy Shores Landing Strip

Location 30: Dutch London St

Location 31: Terminal, Port Los Santos

Location 32: Alternative Wind Farm in Sandy Shores

Location 33: Elysian Island

Location 34: Port of Los Santos

Location 35: South End of Port of Los Santos

Location 36: Port of Los Santos South of Jump 34

Location 37: Port of Los Santos, Beside Jump 34

Locaiton 38: Port of Los Santos, Souther Section

Location 39: Port of Los Santos, East Side

Location 40: Port of Los Santos, South of Railroad

Location 41: Los Santos Airport, Circular Road East

Location 42: Los Santos Airport, Circular Road West

Location 43: Los Santos Drain Control

Location 44: Palomino Avenue

Location 45: La Puerta Freeway

Location 46: Del Perro Freeway

Location 47: Rockford Hills Arcade

Location 48: Rockford Hills

Location 49:Murrieta Oil Field

Location 50: Elysian on the South Side of Chum Street

(source: ign gta collectibles)

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