GTA: 5 movies that inspired the games

(picture credits: W Alan, youtube)
(picture credits: W Alan, youtube)

Rockstar Games has made their love for films and cinema very apparent with the GTA franchise. Even going so far as to incorporate iconic locations from iconic movies in the games.

Some of the best movies in the history of cinema have served as a major inspiration for the GTA franchise. Rockstar pays homage to these movies in various ways, including one especially gruesome Easter Egg in Vice City as a homage to a Brian De Palma classic from the 80s.

The franchise's love affair with movies has been present since the early games and is likely to continue with the next installment of the GTA franchise as well. There are multiple reports of the next game taking inspiration from Netflix's Narcos, making headlines a while back.

Five movies that inspired games in the GTA franchise

5) Heat


Heat is one of the greatest Heist movies ever made and stars two of the most iconic actors in the history of cinema: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. This 90s action-thriller, directed by Michael Mann, is regarded as one of the best action thrillers ever made.

Heat serves as a significant inspiration for GTA V, with Michael even resembling Robert De Niro's character from the movie. The game also featured a similar moment of the crew stealing from a truck in a similar-looking heist.

4) Carlito's Way


Carlito's way is one of Brian De Palma's most underrated gangster movies that are somehow always overlooked during talks of the best gangster movies. Carlito's way is one of the finest movies of the 80s starring Al Pacino in the titular role.

GTA Vice City takes a lot from the movie, especially in the character of Ken Rosenberg. Sean Penn's character in the movie is a similar substance-abusing lawyer with a penchant for flashy suits.

3) Goodfellas


As one of the greatest gangster movies of all-time, there is no doubt that the GTA franchise drew heavily from this Martin Scorsese classic for many of its games.

GTA III takes a lot of inspiration from Goodfellas in terms of characters, tone, and even locations from the movie. Goodfellas chronicles the lives of Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta (who would voice Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City).

GTA III even pays homage to the movie by way of posters of the movie recreated in the GTA universe as 'Badfellas.'

2) Брат 2 (Brother 2) and Behind Enemy Lines


GTA IV was a much more grounded and dark affair than the previous games, and its inspirations lay outside the Hollywood bubble for the most part.

While Niko's appearance in default outfit takes most inspiration from the iconic villain Sasha from Behind Enemy Lines, its story inspiration comes from Russian movies.

Брат 2 or Brother 2, is a Russian crime drama that delves deeper into the repercussions of violence and the Russian mafia. There are several moments in GTA 4 that pay direct homage to the movie.

1) Scarface


GTA Vice City could very well be the Scarface game everyone wanted when they finished watching the movie. (Nevermind the Scarface game we actually got)

GTA Vice City, set in the 80s, with the city itself taking based on Miami, transports locations directly from the movie to the game. In addition to that, the mansion Tommy owns after taking out Diaz is a perfect replica of Tony's estate from the movie.

The story of the game follows many of the same beats as the movie, even culminating in much the same way.

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