GTA 5: Which of the three endings should players go for?

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GTA 5 was perhaps the most ambitious title, storywise, that Rockstar Games had brought out in a long time, choosing to go down the multi-protagonist route. It was an experiment that paid off quite well for the publisher, as players thoroughly enjoyed the volatile comradery of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor.

Throughout the game, the trio goes through the hoops, and their loyalties to each other are tested as certain truths came to light. GTA 5, in a bid to allow for player agency and give them control over the game's outcomes, also had multiple endings to pick from.

During the end of the campaign, Franklin is approached by Devin Westin and given two choices: either kill Michael or Trevor. The third option also presents itself as "Deathwish," which means going up against Devin Weston, Steve Haines, and Strech, eliminating the trio's primary opposition.

All three endings have lasting consequences in GTA 5, so the question is which one should players choose?

GTA 5: Which ending should gamers opt for?

Option A: Kill Trevor


Should the player pick Option A, Franklin will confront an uncharacteristically pensive Trevor, who is contemplating his friendship with Michael. After he deduces that Franklin is here to kill him and not Michael, he will make a run for it.

Franklin then chases him in an SUV and is aided by Michael as they finally manage to get Trevor to atop, after which he is set alight and killed.

If the player picks this option, Trevor will not be a playable character in GTA 5, and all his side quests will be abandoned and incomplete. If the player is on a Completionist run, they should avoid this option.

Option B: Kill Michael


Similar to Option A, Franklin calls upon Trevor to assist him in taking down Michael, but he refuses and says he is "done with traitors." After a brief but warm moment between Franklin and Michael, the latter makes a run for it after figuring out that his life is in danger.

After chasing Michael to a Power Station, a struggle ensues between the two, and he is left dangling quite high above the ground. Regardless of whether the player decides to hoist him up or let his hand go, Michael will eventually fall to his death.

Again, Michael's death will result in his side quests being abandoned and him not being a playable character in GTA 5. The plus side is that the Union Depository payout will be then split between just Trevor and Franklin, improving the payout by quite a lot.

Option C: Deathwish


The only option that makes the most sense, both thematically and gameplay-wise, is the third: Deathwish. During this mission, players will swiftly go on three hits and take out Devin Weston, Steve Haines, and Stretch in dramatic fashion.

The UD cut will be split three ways as the three protagonists choose to go their separate ways. Players will then be free to play their side missions after GTA 5's story has wrapped up.

While this is clearly the best ending, players can choose to go down a much darker and somewhat anti-climatic route as well in GTA 5.

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