GTA 6: 5 Villains who should make an appearance in the game

(picture credits: gaming bolt)
(picture credits: gaming bolt)

The GTA franchise has a pretty impressive roster of interesting characters and not just of protagonists, but supporting characters and villains as well.

Villains have always played a huge role in gaming. The climactic boss battle is only as good as the villain on the other end. While the GTA franchise doesn't necessarily have boss battles, a compelling villain is always a good motivator for the player.

The GTA series has given players some of the most memorable villains, and some we hope to see in the next game by Rockstar.

Here are 5 of the most iconic villains who should make at least an appearance in GTA VI.

Five iconic villains who should make a return in GTA VI

5) Martin Madrazo


Martin Madrazo wasn't an out-and-out villain in GTA V. Martin, and his father ruled the drug trade in America and overseas in the past. Perhaps a younger version of his character could appear in GTA VI.

With reports of GTA VI being set in the 80s, and following a similar protagonist in a drug cartel, Martin fits right into that narrative.

4) Lance Vance


Lance's ultimate betrayal at the end of GTA Vice City lands him in a particular group of villains. A close and trusted ally of Tommy Vercetti since the start, Lance eventually turns on Tommy to take over Vice City with Sonny.

Throughout the game, players grew to love Lance, which is what makes his betrayal even more surprising. If the game takes place before the events of GTA Vice City, then Lance's appearance would be dearly appreciated.

3) Officer Tenpenny


Possibly the most iconic and hateable villain in GTA history, played excellently by Samuel L. Jackson, Officer Tenpenny would be perfect for GTA VI.

If the game is set before the events of GTA San Andreas, players will get to have a look at a much younger Officer Tenpenny. Perhaps even as an ally at first, who becomes corrupt eventually.

2) Big Smoke


It has never been determined how old Big Smoke is during the events of GTA San Andreas, but a younger version of the character would be quite a sight to see.

The villainous Big Smoke's motivations are somewhat understandable, which is what makes him a great villain. GTA VI could include the iconic Big Smoke as an ally.

1) Ricardo Diaz


Played by the always brilliant Luis Guzman, Ricardo Diaz is a drug lord who flies off the handle at the slightest provocation. GTA Vice City's first major villain, Diaz, is both hilarious and terrifying.

A young Ricardo Diaz on the rise would be a great inclusion by Rockstar in GTA VI. Ricardo Diaz did not have much screen time in Vice City, an error that Rockstar can rectify with the next game.

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