GTA 6 map and gameplay leaks that came up in 2021 so far

2021 has seen the most number of GTA 6 leaks till now (Image via Sportskeeda)
2021 has seen the most number of GTA 6 leaks till now (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 6 leaks have been plentiful in 2021, whether they're a completely unbelievable made-up farce or unexpected ones from well-known people. When a game is in development, there are many different types of leaks that can occur.

The most intriguing ones concern the game's map and gameplay. This has also been the case for GTA 6, as every leak that has allegedly revealed the game's facets has received a lot of attention. This article investigates these leaks and determines their reliability.

GTA 6 leaks: List of all significant map and gameplay leaks that have come out this year

Map leaks

1) 2021 map leak


There is only one map leak that has come out this year and it seems very likely to be fake. Most fans have come to this opinion since there are several red flags regarding this alleged leak.

Firstly, the roads don't seem like they belong in an HD Universe game. They're far less detailed and look like something pulled from the original GTA Trilogy. Furthermore, the font used in the map legend also looks quite similar to the older games.

However, the most noticeable red flag was the shaky camera. It seems almost hilarious how the leaker couldn't take a proper screen recording. The map features Vice City along with several activities, some of which are quite unique and innovative.

Gameplay leaks

1) Advanced AI


One of the earliest 'leaks' to come out this year was the report of Take-Two filing a patent for NPC AI in an upcoming game. Most fans believed that it was for GTA 6, which seems to make sense. Rockstar is known for advanced NPCs in their games, and it is quite likely for them to find new ways to improve this feature.

The patent focuses on how NPCs interact with the game world, with the goal of creating the most realistic experience possible. The technology aims to improve AI behavior so that the player may affect their movements and decisions in the game.

2) Evolving map


Tom Henderson's leaks have attracted a lot of attention from fans as he has leaked several gameplay details. GTA 6 will be released with a smaller map than its predecessor, but it will grow over time, according to Henderson. This might involve both small and big map changes, as well as new structures.

This could turn out to be a great idea, especially if multiplayer mode is included. GTA Online's rendition of San Andreas has undergone minor adjustments, resulting in a different version of the map than GTA 5. The game would never get stale if its game world is continually evolving.

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