GTA games on Android: Ranking from worst to best

GTA Vice City (picture credits: Pinterest)
GTA Vice City (picture credits: Pinterest)

Smartphone devices have progressed over the years to become a legitimate handheld gaming platform. Games for Android and iOS platforms have been getting more advanced over the years.

Android games today come with detailed graphics, in-depth gameplay mechanics, and large maps. Games like PUBG Mobile are essentially console-level games that you can play on your smartphone.

The GTA series is a collection of some of the most popular games. Given the popularity of mobile gaming, Rockstar eventually ported the games over to the Android platform.

You can download GTA games from Google Play Store for Android devices.

GTA on Android: Ranking from worst to best



Although by no means a bad game, GTA III was the first game of the franchise with a 3D model. However, when reviewed with the context of later games, GTA III can get a bit drab by comparison.

It is still, however, a good open-world game and served as a great starting point for the new 3D era of GTA games.

4) GTA: Chinatown Wars


GTA: Chinatown Wars was perhaps the perfect game to be ported over to Android. The game was developed for handheld platforms like Nintendo DS and PSP, and plays great on Android as well.

The game is a throwback to the days of the top-down adventure of the older GTA games. It brought in new elements such as a narcotics business mini-game that should make a return to the franchise in the next release.

3) GTA: Liberty City Stories


GTA Liberty City Stories perhaps deserves more attention in 2020, as it was severely overlooked at the time of its release. It is down to a lot of factors, such as the game not being available on the most popular platforms upon release.

However, this is still a great game you can play on your Android devices, and a new GTA experience players would not have had before.

2) GTA San Andreas


GTA San Andreas introduced the world to Los Santos, that would go on to become one of the most beloved locations in a GTA game ever. The game is undoubtedly one of the most fun games, and not just in the GTA series.

CJ's adventures see him navigating his way through neighborhood gang wars to government conspiracies. It is simply one of the best games that you can play on the Android platform.

1) GTA Vice City


No other GTA game has the level of personality and distinct character as that of GTA Vice City. Even though it pales in comparison to the gameplay of GTA San Andreas, it makes up for it with unique characters, setting, and art style.

Featuring a much beloved 80s retrowave aesthetic, it does feel like GTA Vice City was way ahead of its time. Fans have been demanding a return to Vice City for a long time and perhaps the next game will deliver on those expectations.

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