GTA: How to double-clutch in the game

(picture credits: ThatRandomGuy, youtube)
(picture credits: ThatRandomGuy, youtube)

GTA V has, by far, the most improved driving mechanics in the franchise. While some players appreciated the driving simulation feel of GTA IV, with cars having a lot more weight added to them, it didn't exactly make for an excellent racing experience.

However, GTA V perfectly balances the arcade and simulation feel of driving and has exceptionally good driving mechanics.

So much so that an entire section of the game in GTA Online is dedicated to racing. There are, in fact, a wide variety of races that you can participate in.

Players often look for ways to get an edge over the rest of the racetrack and want to go faster. One of the most popular ways to go faster on bikes is by leaning forward, as it makes for a more aerodynamic shape.

In cars, 'double clutching', as it has come to be known as, is a popular technique that GTA players often use to go faster.

How to double-clutch in GTA 5?


Note that this technique won't work on every single vehicle, even supercars. You can experiment with a lot of vehicles in Freemode, and then figure out which ones allow this technique to work.

Here is how you can double-clutch in GTA V:

  1. Accelerate past the 1st gear into the 2nd. (Alternatively, you can even try this between the 1st and the second gear) Pay attention to the sound of the engine, and wait for the shift.
  2. Before the car shifts into the 3rd gear, let go of the Acceleration.
  3. Quickly press the Brake or the Handbrake, only for half a second.
  4. Smash the Acceleration right after.

Once you do it right, the car will be revving uncontrollably and going faster than it would've been before. Be sure to keep a close ear and pay attention to the sound of the gear shift.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal