GTA News: Fan manages to port GTA 3 to Nintendo Switch

(image credits: TweakTown)
(image credits: TweakTown)

The Switch has been one of the most successful consoles for Nintendo. After the somewhat misguided Wii U, the company needed a winner and the Switch provided in spades. For all the great games in the Switch library, the absence of GTA still hurts the fanbase quite a bit.

Rockstar has been relatively quiet on bringing the GTA franchise over to the Nintendo Switch, and there has been little to no development on that front. Over the years, many third-party studios have been bringing their games to Switch such id Software with Doom.

The GTA franchise is one of the most popular franchises in game history, and the Switch would benefit a lot from its inclusion. While Rockstar hasn't exactly made headway in bringing GTA to the Switch, it looks like a fan of the franchise has managed to port GTA 3 to the console without Rockstar's help.

Fan manages to successfully port GTA 3 to Nintendo Switch


Graber, a member of GBAtemp, has successfully managed to port GTA 3 to the Nintendo Switch with some crafty coding and reverse engineering. Fans of his work, although impressed, are concerned whether Take-Two and Rockstar will take kindly to his genius.

This is easily one of the most impressive things fans have been able to do with The Nintendo Switch, as porting over games requires much more workforce.

GTA 3 is usually credited as the game that genuinely helped Rockstar break onto the scene and pave the way for future open-world games. The game, by today's standards, is quite dated, and the Nintendo Switch should have no problem running the game.

The Nintendo Switch, although slightly underpowered than its Sony and Microsoft brethren, is still a great console with capable hardware. Thus, it is no surprise that GTA 3 works without a hitch.

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