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GTA Online: 5 things to buy in 2021 to create a massive return on investment

Businesses that create a massive return on investment (Image via GTA Wiki)
Businesses that create a massive return on investment (Image via GTA Wiki)
Sawera Dedar
Modified 26 Jan 2021
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Money is the key to freedom, at least in GTA Online, where everything costs top dollar.

While doing heists and other missions with unbelievably high payouts is one way to make the big bucks, players can engage in other activities to scale the online ladder.

Just like in real life, a business owner will always have more financial freedom and free time than someone who works around the clock for a business they do not give a brass farthing about.

However, businesses don't just spring up on their own, even in a video game. To make money, players have to invest money.

Five golden eggs to purchase in GTA Online to go from rags to riches

#5 - CEO office and warehouse

Players need a CEO office in GTA Online for various reasons.


Aside from the super cool entitlement it grants, a CEO office allows players to create extra income streams by buying warehouses and selling stolen goods. These are not aspects a typical chief executive officer would be interested in, but Grand Theft Auto wasn't made for entertaining the mundane.

There are two types of warehouses players can purchase:

  1. Vehicle Warehouse
  2. Cargo Warehouse

As the telltale name suggests, a vehicle warehouse is a building that stores stolen vehicles until they are sold for a staggering profit.

On the other hand, a cargo warehouse is a building that stores crates stolen from hardworking, naive virtual goons.

Though the initial cost of getting a warehouse up and running is a huge stumbling block, players can make a massive return on investment within days by selling stuff they didn't even have to pay for.

#4 - Terrorbyte

Terrorbyte is a fully customizable command truck based on the popular Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6x6 expedition vehicle.


Though it hosts several must-have features, the most important reason to own one is simple: The Terrorbyte allows players to make money.

There are five highly lucrative client-featured jobs in GTA Online that are exclusive to the Terrorbyte:

  1. Robbery in progress.
  2. Data sweep.
  3. Targeted data.
  4. Diamond shopping.
  5. Collector's pieces
  6. Deal breaker

As if that wasn't enough of a deal, the Terrorbyte allows players to manage all their businesses from a central location.

Moreover, it is a versatile vehicle. All it takes is a few taps for the command truck to appear right where the player needs it parked.

It can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry in GTA Online for $1,375,000 after buying a Nightclub.

#3 - A bunker

While warehouses generate massive returns on investment, they require constant supervision and work, not really a treat for those looking for passive forms of income.

A Gunrunning business, on the other hand, does not require a load of work and essentially converts leads into deals on its own, which is why investing in a profitable bunker in GTA Online is so important.

It allows players to mess around while the business runs itself, lining the owner's pockets with gold.


#2 The Buzzard Attack Chopper

Although the Buzzard is not really a business, it is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best investments that players can make in GTA Online.

Inspired by the MH-6 Little Bird, the Buzzard is a military/law enforcement helicopter, recorded at a top speed of 145 mph.

Unlike most sub-standard helicopters in GTA Online, the Buzzard features smooth landing and nimble handling, allowing players to take to the skies whenever they feel like it.

It can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry in GTA Online for $1,750,000.

#1 - A nightclub


Swag aside, nightclubs are a great way to make lots of money in GTA Online as they allow players to finally quit grinding and turn all their MC businesses into passive streams of income.

With the nightclub, players can make sales from a single mobile office: the Terrorbyte, which is why it is listed as the No 1 investment in this article. After all, GTA Online is a video game, and nobody wants to spend hours handling tedious business operations when there are so many missions to explore and so many adventures to have.

Note: Readers should know that this piece is based on the writer's opinions.

Published 26 Jan 2021, 16:45 IST
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