GTA Online gunrunning guide: How to earn passive income with a bunker

Bunkers are a must-have business to own as they make a lot of money (Image via Sportskeeda)
Bunkers are a must-have business to own as they make a lot of money (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online Expanded and Enhanced is out on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. This upgrade features numerous improvements and additions to the game, and has also brought in a wave of new players.

Grand Theft Auto Online is a game that sees gamers compete to make the most money. Money can be earned by doing heists, managing illicit businesses, and grinding missions. This article serves as a guide for gamers who want to learn how to make money with a Bunker.

What is a Bunker in GTA Online and how to buy one

Bunkers are one of the best way to earn money on the game (Image via GTA WiKi)
Bunkers are one of the best way to earn money on the game (Image via GTA WiKi)

Bunkers were added to the game via the Gunrunning update. These are purchaseable properties that gamers can use to earn money. By the looks of it, they seem to be some sort of military facility.

Bunkers can be bought via the Maze Bank Foreclosures website, and are unlocked after gamers receive a call from Agent 14. The properties are used to produce and sell illegal arms.

Bunkers are passive businesses that produce goods in the background. Simply being online helps in production. All gamers need to do is partake in the source and sale missions.

There are 11 bunkers to choose from, and choosing the right one makes a huge difference. Beginners may think that buying the cheapest one at the absolute top of the map is the best idea. However, this tactic may make the source and sale missions a nightmare.

Selling the produce in the city of Los Santos yields the most profit. Going with the cheapest option increases the driving distance quite a bit. The sale missions are timed and the extra distance doesn't help.

The best option to go with is the Chumash bunker (GTA$1.6 million). Alternatively, if gamers have all their MC Businesses in the Sandy Shores area, a Bunker there will be useful.

Making money with the Bunker

Once a Bunker is purchased, Agent 14 will call gamers and task them with doing a quick setup mission. Once that is completed, the property will be functional and players will be able to see three bars on the bottom right:

  • Stock: Indicates the amount of stock available for sale
  • Research: Shows the progress of weapons/gear being researched
  • Supplies: Indicates the amount of supplies available for production

A value indicator will also be present to indicate the value of the produce in the bunker at a given time. The mechanics are fairly simple: keep the supply bar loaded for constant production.

For beginners, research is not essential. Researched weapons/gear come into play with PvP. However, one must note that this is not the best tactic to earn money quickly.

For researched weapons/gear, players should undergo the following steps:

  • Use the laptop in the Bunker
  • Go to the Manage Staff tab
  • Click on Assign Staff to Manufacturing

This will allow the stock bar to fill up in half the time.

The Bunker also has a few upgrades which gamers should most definitely buy. They are:

  • Equipment Upgrade: GTA$1.1 million
  • Staff Upgrade: GTA$598K
  • Security Upgrade: GTA$351K

Equipment and staff upgrades speed up production and also increase the value of the stock. These two are quintessential and must be bought before starting production. Security upgrades can be ignored initially as the bunker is rarely raided.

Once the upgrades are in place, gamers do not need to do supply missions; they can just buy them. Doing supply missions takes a lot of time, especially if gamers are playing solo.

Time is money in GTA Online, and buying supplies makes more money per hour. Additionally, selling stock in populated GTA Online lobbies nets more money, but also exposes gamers to cardo griefers.

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