GTA Online: How to buy a Vehicle Warehouse

(image credits: GTA wiki fandom)
(image credits: GTA wiki fandom)

GTA Online has managed to stay relevant even in 2020, nearly seven years since its release. For a game to be as massively successful as GTA Online, the player base needs to be engaged and rewarded for their continued loyalty towards the game.

Rockstar has not only managed to attract new players to GTA Online but also retains a fair portion of its massive player base. The game might have garnered a lot of detractors, but none of the critiques towards the game stem from the actual game itself.

The criticism lobbed at Rockstar comes by the growing sentiment of Rockstar milking the game for all its worth. However, the game itself is extremely well-made and one of the most addictive and fulfilling online multiplayer games currently in the market.

There are way too many things available for purchase to the player, which provide enough incentive for them to keep playing the game. One of the symbols of excess in GTA Online is the Vehicle Warehouse.

An absolutely massive Warehouse lets the players store up to 40 high-end vehicles.

How to buy a Vehicle Warehouse in GTA Online?


Keep in mind that a Vehicle Warehouse is different from the standard Warehouse, and cannot be raided by NPCs or other players. Vehicle Warehouses in GTA Online were added as part of the Import/Export update.

The Vehicle Warehouse features an Underground Garage, which can be used to store Special Vehicles purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry. Players can buy a Vehicle Warehouse once they have Registered as a CEO and bought an Office.

After receiving a call from their Assistant after registering as a CEO and buying an Office, players will be able to purchase a Vehicle Warehouse from directly.

Vehicle Warehouses are the Vehicle counterpart to the Cargo Warehouses. Players can own only one Vehicle Warehouse in total. The Underground Storage Facility can store up to 8 Special Vehicles bought from the Warstock Cache and Carry.

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