GTA Online money glitch: Trick to make unlimited cash

Money glitch in GTA Online. Image: Pinterest.
Money glitch in GTA Online. Image: Pinterest.

GTA players have been trying to uncover money cheats in the game for a long time now. GTA Online players must be aware of the fact that there is no money cheat in GTA. That being said, there are a few players who have been able to uncover glitches.

Be very wary of scams. Don’t indulge in websites that offers you free GTA dollars. This can also lead to the permanent ban of your account in GTA Online.

There are quite a few ways in which you can make quick money in GTA Online, some are honest ways and then there are glitches. Out of the all the money glitches in GTA Online, the one that is the easiest was uncovered by a YouTuber named COURTZ.

The money glitch trick in GTA Online


The Youtuber basically shows that in order to make cash without losing any money, you can head over to the horse betting section in the Casino and start placing your bets. He chose a horse which has a decent chance of winning and then put the maximum stake on that horse. He advised the players that, if they saw that their horse is winning then they can walk out of the Casino as a rich person but if they observe that the horse is losing, they should close the game before the race is complete.

In this way, once you quit GTA Online and re-enter, you can see that you have not lost any of your chips (money that you placed as a bet). You can then start the process all over again and go on repeating until you win.


It is expected that Rockstar Games will come up with a solution for removing this glitch and a few other glitches. All said and done, Sportskeeda suggests you to make money in GTA Online honestly, as there are many opportunities. Just complete missions and win cash rewards.

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Edited by Utkarsh Rampal