GTA Online: What are Open Wheel Races?

Open Wheel Races in GTA Online. Image: Dexerto.
Open Wheel Races in GTA Online. Image: Dexerto.

Gamers can now live their dream of driving a Formula One car through GTA Online. The Diamond Casino Heist update brought many cool cars to the game along with new races. Open Wheel Races were welcomed with a overwhelming response from the players.

Ocelot R88 and Progen PR4. Image: YouTube.
Ocelot R88 and Progen PR4. Image: YouTube.

San Andreas Prix Open Wheel Races are a type of Land Races that you can be a part of. The cars, Progen PR4 or Ocelot R88, are sure to catch your eye during the race. You need to choose any one of the two cars, the design of which is heavily inspired from Formula One cars. You can also choose if you want your car to have Hard, Medium, or Soft tires.

A maximum of 16 players can take part in these races at a time. By default, the laps are set to 10 but the lobby host can increase the laps up to 25 or can also decrease them down to 5.

Types of Open Wheel Races in GTA Online


There are a total of 7 Open Wheel Races in GTA Online. They are:

  • Brace for Impact
  • Height of Society
  • In Due Course
  • Lap it Up
  • More Haste More Speed
  • New Wave
  • Urban Renewal

How to take part in an Open Wheel Race

There are two ways through which you can be a part of Open Wheel Races in GTA Online. They are:

1. By locating the races on the Map

You can check out the places where Open Wheel Races are being held with the help of your map. Just click the Open Wheel Series icon on the map and you can easily drive to the spot.

2. Online Jobs Menu

Follow the steps given below:

1. Select ‘Jobs’.

2. Go to the ‘Play Jobs’ option and click on it.

3. Select the ‘Rockstar Created’ option.

4. If you scroll down you will see the ‘Open Wheel Races’ option. Click on it and enjoy!

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