Which is the best aim setting in GTA Online?

(Image Credits: gtaforums)
(Image Credits: gtaforums)

GTA Online can be quite an expansive online multiplayer experience given its numerous, varied missions, business sims, as well as a good chunk of arena-shooter-style deathmatches.

The game can feel every bit as responsive and fun to play on PCs, but when it comes to consoles, public opinion seems to be divided. Most games that require precision aiming, including GTA Online, require a set of more responsive controls.

The keyboard and mouse still prevail as the best way to play shooters, and that seems to hold true for GTA Online as well. Controls on consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One have also come a long way with a more refined response curve and adjustable sensitivity.

However, Aim Assist continues to be a divisive subject in GTA Online, so much so that there are different lobbies for players with particular aim settings.

The best aim settings in GTA Online


Players can pick from several Targeting Modes (Aim setting presets) before loading into GTA Online. They will then be sorted into a server with other players using the same preset.

Players can pick the Targeting Mode that suits them best by following the steps given below:

  1. Switch to Story Mode.
  2. Press the Pause Button.
  3. Go to Settings > Controls.
  4. Under 'Targeting Mode,' select the mode you prefer.
  5. Switch to Online Mode.

Following are the Targeting Modes available to the player in GTA 5 and Online:

1) Free Aim


This is without the lack of any aim assist, and perhaps, the purists' way of experiencing GTA Online. However, it requires a lot of tweaking in the form of adjusting the sensitivity settings and finding the right values that suit your playstyle.

If a player is new to GTA Online, it will do them much good staying away from Free Aim until they are comfortable with the game's aiming controls.

2) Free Aim-Assisted


This doesn't go too much in the way of Aim Assist, but there is still a small amount of soft-lock that still exists. It seems to be the ideal setting that meets the purists' way of playing the game halfway.

This preset allows for more freedom of movement when switching between targets than the Assisted Aim but still has enough of a soft-lock to not be too difficult for new players.

3) Assisted Aim-Full/ Traditional GTA


This is a full-on Aim Assist that will snap your reticle to the target with the press of a button. While consoles have always had this setting by default, it isn't particularly indicative of the way the game is meant to be played.

Players who are more comfortable with GTA's aim controls should turn this setting off as soon as possible and move on to more challenging lobbies to keep getting better in the game.

As Traditional GTA Aim lobbies can get a bit too sweaty with opponents being able to snap you from a distance. Free Aim seems to be the way to go when playing PvP, but Assisted Aim works better for Missions.

(Image Credits: gtaforums)
(Image Credits: gtaforums)

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