GTA RP: Real-life 'multi-millionare' threatens NoPixel founder with grave consequences if his account ban is not lifted

GTA RP servers are usually subject to drama but a new user has taken it to the extreme (Image via Afro, Twitter)
GTA RP servers are usually subject to drama but a new user has taken it to the extreme (Image via Afro, Twitter)
Danyal Arabi

The world of GTA RP hinges on the interactions that players have on the server. Friendships are made and broken, betrayals are common and a whole lot more can happen. One player, who was banned from the GTA RP server NoPixel, decided to take his threats outside the server. He sent a message to the founder of the server, "Koil," after being banned that borders on delusional and concerning.

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GTA RP player threatens NoPixel founder 'Koil' after his character gets banned in the server

Going by the handle Maximilian Vanderbilt, the disgruntled player sends Koil an email where he threatens and and tries to intimidate Koil with his apparent 100 million dollar fortune and connections.

My promise is this. That if my character is not unbanned, un-restricted and free to continue doing what he does best which is to be a functioning member of society that chose the role of Casino Manager/Operator/Owner with keys to keep the Casino from becoming an absolute disgrace until some gangster/undriven person can take over as many have tried I will really have to show you what my network net worth, and power really look like.

He then goes on to state how Koil doesn't "grasp the situation," and he will take down everything Koil has built in the last 7 years including the GTA RP server NoPixel with his so called "$112m USD of liquidity."

I've tried and tried to make us work together, but you don't really seem to grasp the reality of the huge reach I really have. I'd rather play nice, but I can show you what 20 years of business experience a $112m USD of liquidity and my determination can do to you to pick apart every single thing you've built for the last 7 years.

While the message is most likely a troll, statements like these illustrate how entitled some people can be without consideration for others. Whether it has any merit or not, nobody should face threats for simply building something for a community they're passionate about.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji
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