GTA RP: What is NoPixel and how to apply?

(picture credits: GTA RP hub, youtube)
(picture credits: GTA RP hub, youtube)

GTA RP has become one of the most popular ways to play GTA V. Some players claim it to be an entirely new game.

GTA RP provides an all-new way to experience the world of GTA V, complete with a proper schedule for your character. The possibilities are endless in GTA RP, and Rockstar is probably taking notes to improve the online experience by incorporating RP in the next game.

Essentially, GTA RP is a mod that allows players to play RolePlay games on specific servers. The most popular server amongst players seems to be NoPixel, and star streamers such as Lirik and TimTheTatMan can be seen playing on NoPixel from time to time on their stream.

GTA RP: What is NoPixel?


"The idea of role-playing is to talk, act, and proceed as the character you are playing. This means that any action taken while in-game is taken on behalf of your character."

GTA RP is an enjoyable and immersive experience that requires you to stay in character, and NoPixel has risen to be the most popular server in the game.

However, in order to play on the NoPixel server, players have to apply and answer an extensive questionnaire that will be screened by the developers.

NoPixel is developed by Koil, and contains custom scripts developed by them. The application process is expedited by donating to the otherwise free service.

GTA RP is one of the biggest reasons why GTA V has been a significant success on the PC platform. The modding community on PC has always come up with brilliant ideas and transcend the boundaries of what the base game is capable of.

Check out some of the best moments from the NoPixel GTA RP Server:


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