GTA San Andreas looks impressive in Unreal Engine 5 concept trailer

What if future GTA titles were made in Unreal Engine? (Image via Sportskeeda)
What if future GTA titles were made in Unreal Engine? (Image via Sportskeeda)

A new video on YouTube highlights what GTA San Andreas would look like if recreated in Unreal Engine 5. This new video is a fan-made concept trailer that showcases a highly detailed Grove Street; Carl "CJ" Johnson, the protagonist, has also been given a new, highly detailed look.

When Rockstar announced the Definitive Edition GTA Trilogy in 2021, this is what many fans expected the graphics to look like. The video is embedded below for fans to watch.


GTA San Andreas concept trailer in Unreal Engine 5 looks better than Definitive Edition remaster

The above video showcases a detailed Grove Street that is much more graphically impressive than in Grand Theft Auto 5. In fact, this is how many players expect the next Grand Theft Auto title to look. The lighting and textures are much more realistic than any currently-available Rockstar Games title.

The skyline of Los Santos is visible in the distance, and it looks stunning, with realistic ambient lighting. Vehicle reflections are much better as well, to the point where they resemble the effects created by some fancy GTA 5 graphics mods.

One thing that might seem a bit unnecessary, however, is the puddles. The use of high-reflection puddles has become a trademark of ENBs and graphics mods, and these puddles are frequently overdone. CJ's character model, on the other hand, looks completely redone. It was originally made by Hossein Diba, an artist who has remade several GTA characters.

Comparison with the Definitive Edition

The remade CJ that can be seen in the above video (Image via @HosseinDibaArt, Twitter)
The remade CJ that can be seen in the above video (Image via @HosseinDibaArt, Twitter)

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was published by Rockstar in November 2021. This included remastered versions of the 3D Universe games: Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Being remasters and not remakes, they weren't expected to have their graphics upgraded to such incredible levels. However, the games did not just disappoint fans with their graphics; they were poor-quality products and had more than a few bugs.

Since then, however, Rockstar has issued multiple updates to make the games playable as well as enjoyable. The modernized control system and ray-tracing support, with better lighting and reflections, still make the Definitive Edition Trilogy the best way to experience the 3D Universe.

What this means for future Rockstar titles


Expecting a remake of GTA San Andreas might be a bit too unrealistic at the moment, especially since Rockstar has just released a remaster. However, the graphical advances that are being showcased nowadays speak volumes about the future of gaming.

The fan-made San Andreas video, along with many other similar videos and concept gameplay demos, makes one thing absolutely clear. In terms of both graphics and engine capabilities, video games are going to take a giant leap forward.

Unreal Engine 5 currently appears to be the center of attention. Hence, it will be interesting to see what Rockstar has in store for GTA 6 and how their own RAGE engine stands up to the competition.

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