Why GTA Vice City Definitive Edition is the most disappointing game of the remastered trilogy

GTA Vice City DE doesn't offer much to entice players (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Vice City DE doesn't offer much to entice players (Image via Rockstar Games)

Due to a slew of technical issues, the Definitive Edition GTA Trilogy has received more criticism than praise. The games contain a variety of bugs, ranging from game-breaking to downright hilarious. On the other hand, some of the character models and environmental details appear to be poorly made.

Although each game has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, many fans believe that GTA Vice City is the least playable Definitive Edition title. This article examines why this is so, as well as how it compares to the other two games.

Why the remastered GTA Vice City is the least playable Definitive Edition title right now

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition suffers from a myriad of technical issues just like the other three games in the remastered Trilogy. However, there are many reasons for it being less preferred compared to the others. To understand this, it is necessary to know about the other two games first.

The Definitive Edition of GTA 3 has been called the most playable title among the remastered trilogy. This is because it has far less bugs than the other two, and is comparatively more stable. It also looks far better than the rest, and the developers seem to have spent more time polishing it.

The drastic difference between the original GTA 3 and its Definitive Edition is much more prominent than the rest. The original game was barely playable due to a ton of issues. Hence, despite having some peculiar bugs, the remastered version is a better choice.

Meanwhile, GTA San Andreas, often regarded as the best game in the original trilogy, naturally attracted much more attention with its Definitive Edition. Most players were excited to try it out first before the other two games. However, they soon discovered that it was the most broken game in the remastered trilogy.

A lot of players ended up frustrated and gave up on the trilogy altogether. As a result, GTA Vice City Definitive Edition ended up being overlooked by most players. The features it offers are inferior to that of San Andreas, and it doesn't offer as unique an experience as the remastered GTA 3. If most of the bugs in the game were fixed, players might have a better reason to play it.

The gameplay hasn't been altered that much either compared to GTA 3. Whereas the first game in the trilogy now has better camera controls like that of San Andreas, Vice City didn't see any major changes. The neon-lit streets and more detailed palm trees haven't been enough to convince players to spend more time in the game.

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