How to add your own music to GTA Games?


The GTA franchise has always had a fabulous , well-curated soundtrack that plays over the radio; the most beloved soundtrack in the franchise being the one in GTA Vice City.

The GTA Vice City soundtrack over the radio featured hits from major artists like Michael Jackson, Toto, Danzig, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne and many more from the 80s.

Rockstar Games has always received a lot of love from the gaming community for their dedication to providing a great soundtrack. The soundtrack makes for some amazing moments while listening to the radio in GTA Games.

Everyone fondly remembers their time driving down their neighborhood in a flashy low-rider, listening to "It Was A Good Day" by Ice Cube in GTA San Andreas.

How to add your own music to GTA Games?

GTA 5 User Mp3 Station is called "self radio"
GTA 5 User Mp3 Station is called "self radio"

GTA does a lot of things right: the game-play, the story and also player involvement. Despite having a superb soundtrack, it also allows you to add your own personal music to the game.

If you have digital MP3s of your favourite songs on your PC, you can use those files to play your music in the GTA game.

Follow these steps to add your music in GTA:

1) Copy the MP3 music files you want to add to the game.

2) Navigate to "Documents".

3) Open the folder "Rockstar Games".

4) Select the GTA game you want, for example (GTA 5).

5) Open "User Music" folder.

6) Paste the selected MP3 files in the folder.

7) The next time you're in a vehicle in a GTA game, select the radio station called "User MP3 Player".

This would allow for some truly great moments such as rocking out to your favourite Pantera riffs while mowing down countless rival gangsters in the city or cruising down Vinewood Boulevard while listening to The Weekend.

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