How to get one of GTA Online's rarest guns 'The Musket' this week before it vanishes for a year

The musket is one of the rarest guns in GTA Online (Image via GTA Fandom Wiki)
The musket is one of the rarest guns in GTA Online (Image via GTA Fandom Wiki)

GTA Online's arsenal of weapons boasts everything from humble handguns to rocket propelled grenades. One of the most unique additions to the roster is a single-fire musket that qualifies as a shotgun in GTA Online.

Musket is seemingly unassuming, but when players go to buy themselves one from an Ammu-nation they may be surprised to find it missing entirely as it is only available as part of GTA Online's independence week and graces the store for just a single week every year.

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How to acquire GTA Online's Musket before it vanishes for another year

"Armed with nothing but muskets and a superiority complex, the Brits took over half the world. Own the gun that built an Empire.”

— Ammu-Nation and Social Club description.

Added as part of 'The Independence Day Special' back in 2014, the Musket is a cheap weapon that commemorates 4th of July in GTA Online. Available this year between 1st-7th July, it is ready for purchase at any Ammu-Nation in GTA Online for $21,400.

Unfortunately, the gun features no modifications or attachments, and players simply get what they pay for: a short range single fire gun that has incredible stopping power.

Musket Statistics

  • Damage - 97.00
  • Fire Rate - 10.00
  • Accuracy - 65.00
  • Range - 85.00
  • Clip Size - 10.00

Musket trivia and usage tips:

  • This is likely the oldest gun in the series, being about 200 or 300 years old.
  • It is possible to reload slightly faster by quickly entering and exiting a bike just after the shot. Entering and exiting the bike will replace the reloading animation.
  • Though the Musket has a long reload time, it is still unrealistic, as a real musket takes roughly 10 to 20 seconds to reload (depending on the user's skill and concentration) as opposed to the in-game musket, which takes about 5 seconds to reload.

Players looking to get their hands on Musket can do so all throughout this week until July 8th, after which it will be removed from Ammu-Nation until next year. GTA Online does know how to celebrate a big day with exclusives like these.

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