How to get the Perico Pistol in GTA Online: Step-by-step guide

 Image via HoldtoReset
Image via HoldtoReset
Rahul Bhushan

The Perico Pistol is available inside of El Rubio's office in GTA Online's latest Heist.

After several months of anticipation, GTA Online's biggest title update is finally here, and players have got to experience everything new Rockstar has to offer.

With the Cayo Perico Heist DLC, Rockstar will be following a slow-drip of content with more arriving to GTA Online in the coming weeks.

Rockstar has introduced quite a decent number of vehicles in the game, nine (including the Kostaka Submarine) and a total of three new weapons, and with only one available in Ammu-Nation right off the bat, the Military Rifle.

The other two, the Combat Shotgun and the Perico Pistol, require some work done before players can pick it up in GTA Online. The Perico Pistol, in particular, is quite elusive to get hands-on and requires a certain level of trial and error to obtain.

Step-by-step guide to get the Perico Pistol in GTA Online


The gun will be available in El Rubio's private compound during the Heist finale in GTA Online. But first things first, players will need to acquire a "Small Key," which will unlock a desk drawer in El Rubio's office, inside of which players will find the Perico Pistol.

The key is found with a guard who occasionally spawns outside of bars and clubs in GTA Online during Random Events. The guard will spawn differently for each player, so every player must visit a number of bars/clubs for the Random Event to occur.

The sleeping guard will spawn outside of the club, and players can interact with the Body to receive a "Small Key" in their inventory. After, which players must finish the Heist Setup and commence the Finale.

  1. Head to El Rubio's office during the Heist.
  2. Approach the desk.
  3. Open the drawer by interacting with it.
  4. The player character will pick up the Perico Pistol from inside of the drawer.

After the player has picked up the gun, it will be available for free in Ammu-Nation. The Perico Pistol is far from the most useful gun with its low fire-rate. However, it is a nice little souvenir to carry around from the Heist in GTA Online.

The gun has a solid damage output, which would make it quite the appealing prospect for some players in GTA Online.

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